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6 Dental Marketing Tips You Should Know in 2019

Telling the world about your dental service needs you to use the best dental marketing tips. To beat the competition, you should not only know what to do but also how to do it.

To become a pro in dental marketing, here are some tips you can implement in 2019 and beyond.

1. Research the Competition

Dentistry, like other industries, has competition. To do better than your competitors, you should first know what they are doing. So, start by visiting their website and signing up for their email newsletter.

Join their social media pages as well. Dig into their blogs to know what they write about. By researching your competition, you’ll know your strengths and weaknesses. After that, you can design a dentist marketing strategy that’s better than theirs.

2. Establish and Market Your Brand

A brand can give you status. If people know about the fantastic services you offer, word of mouth will bring you more patients. So, how do you build your brand?

  • Create a high-quality logo that reflects your mission statement and the clients you’re targeting
  • Select a location that caters to your target clientele. For example, if your desired clientele is families with kids, consider a location close to schools or residential areas.
  • Deliver a consistent experience with patients. In other words, deliver on your promises.
  • Choose a color scheme that patients will find both calming and attractive. Use the colors in your office and logo.

3. Use Local Awareness Facebook Ads

When reaching out to prospective patients about your dental services, be as specific as possible. That means you should target clientele within a 50-mile radius. You can use Local Awareness ads to reach your local audience.

The new map card lets you share locally specific details about your business. Such details include working hours, address, the distance to your business, and the “Get directions” link. The call to action can be a call button that prompts people to make an appointment.

4. Appointment Reminders

Whether it’s through a phone call or postcard, appointment reminders are essential to ensure patients come to your clinic. You can streamline the process using a reminder email, Google calendar alerts, and appointment confirmations.

5. Messenger Ads

Brands are now using Messenger ads as part of their Facebook marketing strategy. You can do the same for your dentist service too. Not only can you use these ads to send out your latest blog posts, but you can also use them to engage customers.

You could program chatbots to ask your audience questions. The approach has been shown to increase sales for some brands.

6. Referral Bonuses

Most people believe what their friends recommend. Urge your clients to refer their friends and offer referral bonuses.

For example, give a $10 discount for each referral that shows up for an appointment. This strategy can help retain your existing customers and bring in new ones.

Dental Marketing Tips

Modern dental advertising can help you to build your brand, outdo the competition, and attract tons of loyal patients. Start implementing the above dental marketing tips to see a difference in your dentist business.

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