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5 Proven Dental Marketing Strategies to Attract More Patients

You know how good your dental practice is. But unfortunately, that’s not enough. Other people need to know too so that you can grow your business and get more patients.

Are you looking for the right dental marketing strategy for your business? If you’re struggling to create a sensible, considered dental marketing plan, you need to read on.

Find the Best Dental Marketing Strategy for You

Every business has different needs, but there are some tips and strategies that benefit everyone. Take a look at these five proven strategies to find out what they are.

1. Improve Your Branding

Who are you? Who is your audience? What sets you apart from other local dental practice?

Simply put, you want your target market to be able to recognize your brand, and be clear as to who you are targeting.

Maybe you’re changing things around and found the right dental real estate firm to take your business to the next level. Perhaps you’d like to showcase your unique selling point (USP) to attract more customers. If so, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd.

2. Focus on SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is going to be important for your dental marketing, as presumably, you’re looking for plenty of local clients.

Include keywords specific to your location. For example, ‘Manhattan dentist’ or ‘Denver orthodontist’ would work. Don’t forget long-tail keywords either, as often people will be looking for specific help and advice for their dental queries.

3. Personalized Ads

You have a lot of potential customers out there, so make sure you target them before you miss out.

This includes ad retargeting. Perhaps a potential customer finds your website but leaves without doing anything. However, the cookies which are then placed on their browser mean that when they’re scrolling through Facebook or searching on Google they might come across an advertisement for your business.

Prospective clients will be looking online, perhaps reading reviews of a number of businesses. Aim to reach individuals found in your database, and offer them premium access or listen to their issues, and you might find yourself a client for life!

4. Utilize Social Media

It’s not just for posting pictures of your cat. So many people use social media to help them decide on different businesses to use – you’d be foolish not to use it for your dental practice marketing. 

Social media allows you to interact with potential clients in a relatable yet professional manner, as you can show how friendly you are, as well as how your business operates.

5. Dental Marketing Video

You don’t have to ditch the pictures entirely, but it can be beneficial to use videos too. They’re more personal and can convey across a lot more information than a simple image or graphic. 

Well over half of the online traffic is now comprised of video content, so well-made and relevant videos can be a great help to your popularity. 

Your Dental Marketing Strategies

With these five tips, you should be well-equipped to go and market your dental practice and look forward to your new customers! Which dental marketing strategy will work for you? 

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