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How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

Have you always felt like you would be a successful small business owner? Maybe it’s time to listen to that “still, small voice.” If you have a passion for cleanliness and organization, then now’s the time to consider starting a cleaning business. 

If you carve out a more specific niche and cater to commercial businesses, you’ll be doing yourself a tremendous service. This will allow you to streamline your business plan and hone in on some great leads. Here’s the skinny on how to start a commercial cleaning business today. 

Start with a Business Plan

Any solid endeavor begins with a business plan. At its core, this will include an overview of your company – perhaps a mission statement – and a list of the services you plan to offer. 

Now’s a good time to also brainstorm how you’ll secure new clients and make financial estimates. What will your startup costs look like? Within that category, how much will you spend on advertising? What will your rates be? This will serve as your blueprint to success, so feel free to take some time flushing out all the details here. 

Devise a Name and Logo

With your plan under your belt, it’s time to come up with a creative name and design your logo. There are so many free logo makers online, you’ll have fun with this stage of the process. 

Consider things like color psychology and branding. What will your business name say about your work ethic and services offered? What makes your brand unique from the other Janitorial Services out there? 

License and Insure Your Business

Business licenses vary from state to state and, sometimes, from county to county. So, be sure to check with your local government to see which permits are required for operation. 

From there, you’ll want to take the plunge into the world of insurance. As a commercial cleaning business, you’re going to want to protect yourself against any damage to client property. 

Accidents are part of life and you want to be fully insured in the event one of your employees breaks something valuable. Also, if one of your workers forgets to put out a wet floor sign and someone slips and falls, you may be liable. Insurance is paramount for the protection of everything you’ve worked so hard for.  

Purchase Equipment

This is where your business plan will come in handy. In your startup estimates, you can outline the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment. Crucial items include a uniform, cleaners, paper towels, gloves, brushes, mops, and sponges. 

One of the ways you can differentiate yourself from the crowd is to market yourself as a green company. Perhaps you’ll use eco-friendly cleaners that protect people and the environment. 

Market Your  Business

Finally, it’s time to get the word out about your new business! Social media marketing is paramount these days. Set up a professional Facebook page. Use Twitter and Instagram to your advantage, too. Pitch your services to realtors and other related companies. 

Spend some time on a well-devised website, as well. This can make you stand a full head and shoulders above the crowd if done well. Nowadays, there are so many user-friendly platforms, from WordPress, to Wix, to Squarespace, and more. You can easily cut costs by designing your own site. 

Start the Cleaning Business of Your Dreams

You can start the cleaning business of your dreams today. Here at Small Business Brief, we’re all out helping “the little guy.” We gather the best small business news and information for you on a regular basis. 

Come on over and join our Small Business Forum, too. The best way to learn the ins and outs is to chat with those that have gone before us. Until then, we wish you tremendous success and a wealth of new clients!