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How to Start a Cleaning Business

Do you love cleaning and see an opening for a new cleaning business in your area? Most people hate cleaning and that goes double for businesses who don’t have the time to do it themselves. Businesses understand that their shop needs to look it’s best, but they don’t have the ability or expertise to do it.

It’s the perfect time for you to start your own cleaning business and mop the floor with the competition. We’ve outlined everything you need to do to open your business and begin cleaning up the town’s homes and businesses.

Good luck entrepreneur, you are on your way to starting your own cleaning service.

Develop a Business Plan for Your Cleaning Business

If you want to start a business, then you need a plan. A business plan doesn’t only help you understand what your business is, it’s goals, etc., it’s also necessary if you want to get a business loan.

Banks are happy to provide startup money for businesses, but they want to make sure you’re a good investment. Going in and simply saying, “I’d like to start a cleaning business” isn’t enough. A business plan is your way of proving you’ve thought this out.

A business plan has goals for your first five years. It explains your services, pricing, advertising plan and much more.

Every business needs a business plan if they want to succeed. Take time to develop yours regardless if you plan of seeking funding or not.

Determine Your Clientele

You’re a small business and initially likely the only employee. You need to know who your client base is. Are you focusing on only residential cleaning or do you want to branch out into commercial cleaning?

Do you want to clean medical offices? You might need certain certifications that show you’re qualified to clean medical areas.

Why is this important? It helps you know who to advertise to and what you’ll need for supplies. If you’re cleaning a home, then standard cleaning supplies are fine, but if you’re doing office cleaning then you might need a large floor waxing machine or higher strength cleaning supplies.

Register With Your City

Anyone can start a business, but they first must register the business with their home city. You don’t need to have a building or storefront. You can work out of your home.

You also don’t have employees and you can be a sole proprietor. The regulations for registering as a business differ from state to state and city to city, but it usually requires filling out paperwork and possibly putting a notice in the local newspaper.

You should also research if you want your business to be a simple sole proprietor or if you want to protect your personal assets by creating a limited liability company (LLC). If you are a sole proprietor, then if a client sues your business, then they can also go after your personal assets as well.

An LLC provides additional protections against such issues. For further protection, you should also get business insurance as well before actively seeking new business. It’s not a requirement, but it adds a safety net for you.

Purchase Supplies and Develop a Brand

How are you going to separate yourself from the competition? Odds are there are other cleaning services in your area, so why are you different?

You need to develop your overall brand. This includes a logo, catchphrase or tag line and more that helps stick out in customer’s minds. The other businesses have had time to develop a reputation, network and get clients.

Don’t forget to purchase cleaning supplies that fit your client base. You’ll need mops, brooms, cleaning solutions, etc. You should create a list and buy everything you need. You don’t want to show up t your first house or business and not have everything you need.

Promote and Advertise Your Business

You’re all set to start your business, but how will people know about you? If you have an at-home business, then you have no storefront.

You can get magnetic decals for your car, so people can see it as you’re driving from place to place. You should contact local newspapers for advertising, create an SEO optimized website and join local organizations such as the chamber of commerce.

If you’re focusing on businesses, then don’t be afraid to contact them directly. You can create a social media presence and begin building your audience.

It’s not enough to start a business, you need to promote it and cultivate a brand reputation.

Don’t Forget About Aftercare

Once a home or business is cleaned, your job isn’t over. Ask for a review on Yelp or have a handout they can fill out to detail their customer experience. You want to be so awesome that they tell their friends and family about you.

Many times, how you treat your customers after the job is over is as important as how good of a job you do.

Keep an Eye on the Future

Once you’ve started your business, remember your business plan and where you wanted to be in five years. Do you want to buy more advanced equipment or add more employees?

Do you want to eventually just run the business and have your employees clean? Keep an eye on your goals and follow through with them.

Set how many customers you want in your first year or how much revenue you want to earn. The most successful businesses plan for the future. Our cleaning business is new on the scene, but in a few years, you’ll be the veteran.

Success Is in Your Hands

A cleaning business is a great investment if you’re not in an oversaturated business climate. Follow these steps and you’ll be ahead of the competition in no time. Starting a successful business isn’t just creating the business but developing goals and working to grow your business and its reputation.

If you want to learn more about starting your own business, then please explore the rest of our site.