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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Toilet Paper Dispenser

Your business’s bathroom plays an important role for everyone who enters your building. It’s where your employees and guests go to relieve themselves while watching funny videos on their phones. If the toilet paper dispenser breaks or runs empty, then that could lead to a very complicated and embarrassing situation. 

Businesses looking for a new commercial toilet paper dispenser have to keep in mind various factors. How big is your bathroom space and how many people do you expect to use it throughout the day? What are your budget and intended style? 

Here are seven factors you should consider before making a purchase. 

1. Toilet Paper Roll Size

The kind of toilet paper you buy at a supermarket or a drug store is very different than commercial toilet paper rolls. The standard variety is small and meant to fit onto small dispensers. Commercial toilet paper rolls are much larger and meant to last a long time before you need to replace them. 

Every toilet dispenser accepts a specific size, which includes the diameter of the paper and core. Most of these aren’t adjustable, so you’ll be stuck purchasing that size as long as you own the dispenser. 

Whatever you choose will depend on how frequently your bathroom is used. Your employees will appreciate higher quality standard toilet paper in their private bathrooms. However, it’s far more cost-effective to go for the commercial-sized ones in a public restroom.  

2. Toilet Paper Dispenser Capacity

Toilet paper dispensers come in a variety of capacities, each suitable for different environments and stall sizes. 

Many commercial dispensers can carry multiple rolls at a time in case the first roll runs out. This can help reduce the number of times you need to replace the rolls. However, these dispensers are often bulkier and take up more room in the stall.

Toilet roll holders are much smaller, but they can only hold a single standard-size roll at a time. Multi-roll dispensers are sold which help to accommodate multiple rolls. Keep in mind that smaller toilet paper rolls will run out quicker.

3. Material

Almost every dispenser on the market is made from either plastic or stainless steel. Both have their own share of benefits and drawbacks. 

Plastic is easy to clean, comes in a variety of colors, and resists scratching. Translucent ones allow you to see when refills are needed so you don’t end up in any emergency situations. 

Metal dispensers are even more durable and blend in with most decor. Even though they can get smudged, it’s just as easy to clean and polish them. The only problem is that they can easily get dinged and scratched, unlike plastic. 

4. Style

Even though your restroom will be one of the lesser-seen areas of your business location, it’s still worth dressing it up accordingly. There are many styles of toilet paper holders out there aside from the standard variety. 

Opt for an engraved holder to make the restroom look more vintage. If your interior design leans more modern, then you’ll want to get stainless-steel or aluminum holders. 

One option most people don’t know about is the recessed toilet paper dispenser. Since it’s embedded in the wall, you get a minimalistic appearance that takes up little space. 

5. Tamper-Proofing

Some people are desperate to take whatever’s not bolted down. While you can afford to buy more toilet paper to replace stolen rolls, your dispenser may not survive the experience unscathed. Just look at how vandalism became a trend in recent years on social media. 

You’ll want to purchase a durable commercial toilet paper dispenser that is also tamper-proof. Stainless-steel dispensers will stand up to vandalism better than plastic ones. They can come with protected locks that will prevent thieves from stealing your toilet paper while providing easy access for cleaners and service teams. 

A bonus to purchasing a tamper-proof dispenser is that they’ll also be more resistant to damage. They’re well worth the investment. 

6. Cost

The fancier and more durable toilet paper dispensers are going to cost more than more simple options. While it won’t cost a lot to outfit your restrooms, you need to consider whether or not they’ll be easy to replace if they get damaged.

Plastic roll dispensers are the most affordable option and can run you for as little as $20 each. Basic metal options can cost two to three times as much. 

More specialized models are often priced at over $100 each, which isn’t as tantalizing an offer for smaller businesses. However, these dispensers should come with some kind of benefit, such as a space-saving design or extra tamper-proofing.

7. Touchless Options

Bathrooms are covered in bacteria, from the soap dispensers to the door handles. In fact, toilet paper dispensers may carry more germs than the toilet seat. Regardless of how careful you may be, you should always wash your hands before leaving.

One way to minimize the transfer of bacteria is with copper toilet paper dispensers. Bacteria rapidly die on copper surfaces, likely due to the copper ions released. 

Another way to minimize your interaction with that bacteria is with touchless toilet paper dispenser options. 

Like touchless paper towel dispensers, guests can place their hands over a sensor to dispense paper. The paper is pre-measured, so you can also end up saving on your supply over time. 

Toilet Paper Supply and Demand

A toilet paper dispenser is an essential part of any restroom, but it can also reflect on your business’s style and budget. Basic plastic dispensers may give the impression that you’re putting in the bare minimum. Meanwhile, a durable, automatic option could show guests that you spare no expense on their comfort. 

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