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7 Awesome Tips For Marketing A Cleaning Business

marketing a cleaning businessRunning your own cleaning business can be a great way to be your own boss and earn a living.

Unlike trendy jobs that will go out of fashion within a few years, the cleaning industry is one that will only continue to grow.

But this high demand means that there are plenty of other people looking to cash in on this massive industry. Standing out from the crowd and competing with other local companies requires some smart marketing.

Are you ready to help your business succeed? If so, check out these 7 awesome tips for marketing a cleaning business.

1. Start With a Custom Logo

When it comes to marketing a cleaning business, it’s all about standing out from the crowd.

While your superior customer service and awesome prices might help you land customers, they have to be able to find you first. If you’re utilizing the same types of marketing that other local cleaning businesses are, like boring print ads or a static website, it’ll be tough to rise above the crowd.

A custom logo can help with that. Creating an awesome logo will make it easy for customers to recognize your marketing tactics as being related to your business.

You’ll give your business a professional appearance that’ll help build brand awareness.

2. Build a Solid Brand

Once you’ve designed an awesome logo, it’s time to start putting other tactics for marketing a cleaning business to work.

The next step is to develop a solid brand. Your brand includes the style decisions that you make on your website, print ads and any other materials related to your business.

To develop your brand, you’ll need to choose the colors and styles that you’ll use on your business’ materials, as well as the style that your materials will follow.

For instance, you could stick to a black and white color scheme, and keep your style professional. Or you could choose a fun, youthful style, and accent it with bright pops of color and modern patterns.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Social Media

When you apply your new brand to your website and print materials, don’t forget about your social media accounts as well.

Implementing a cohesive brand across all of your platforms, including your website, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media pages that you business uses will help give your business a professional appeal.

It’ll also help to encourage brand awareness. If your customers recognize material as belonging to your business, whether it appears on your website or on their Facebook page, they’ll come to recognize your brand more readily.

4. Take Advantage of Free Marketing Tactics

While investing in advertising is essential for marketing a cleaning business, not all advertising needs to break the bank.

There are plenty of free advertising strategies that can help you boost your cleaning business without costing you a dime.

Visit blogs and advice sites to leave your tips for getting out tough stains or tackling large cleaning jobs. Post regular content updates on social media, featuring eye-catching headlines or tips.

Run a contest and give away discounts on your services, but require those who enter the contest to share your social media posts with their own followers.

Taking advantage of free marketing techniques will clear up more room in your budget for other marketing tactics, like investing in great web design or an awesome logo.

5. Invest in Local SEO

One thing that you can do with the money you save by utilizing free advertising tactics is to invest in local SEO services.

Local SEO services help make your business visible to local customers searching for services like those that you offer. Using local keywords and links, local SEO experts can make sure that your site ends up in the top positions of local Google searches.

An investment in local SEO can lead to a huge boost in traffic for your company. In fact, statistics show that 50 percent of all local web searches end with the customer visiting the local business that they found within 24 hours.

6. Go for Organic Growth

If you’re investing in local SEO as a tactic for marketing a cleaning business, you’re already working towards organic growth. Keep that trend going by continuing to choose SEO strategies over paid online advertising.

Studies constantly show that paid search results on search engines like Google receive only a small fraction of the number of clicks that organic results get.

If you find that your marketing budget has a little room, skip the paid ads and invest in more SEO-optimized content instead!

7. Streamline Your Business Operations

Marketing a cleaning business could be a full-time job on its own.

From building and maintaining a website, branding your business, creating content, and more, there’s always something that needs to be done.

When you’re also trying to run your business while implementing these tactics, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to streamline your business operations to free up more of your time for other tasks.

Systems like Genio software for cleaning business will automize many of your business’ processes, such as scheduling clients and assigning cleaning teams, tracking where your employees are working, and managing client information.

Other resources, like free templates, make it easier for you to run a business while also running a marketing plan.

Putting the Best Tactics for Marketing a Cleaning Business to Work

Now that you know a few tactics for marketing a cleaning business, it’s time to put them to work.

By improving your online and print marketing tactics, you’ll increase traffic for your business while decreasing your costs. If you take advantage of streamlined automated business systems, you’ll also have more time to spend improving your business in other ways!

If you’re ready to start improving your business’ marketing strategy but still have questions, visit our discussion forums today to ask advice from other experienced small business owners, or to offer your own tips and tricks!