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5 Website Building Tips For A Pool Supply Company

Do you an attention grabbing website to expand your customer base? Here are 5 website building tips for a pool supply company to increase your visibility online.

Congrats! Being a small business owner is rewarding and fulfilling.

If you want your pool supply company to survive, you need to have a website. Some of the reasons people give for not having one are that it’s too complex or costs too much.

Without a website, you can be one of the one-third of businesses that don’t make it to their tenth birthday.

Not sure where to start and worried about hiring a pro? Don’t worry!

We’ve got the website building tips you’ll need to stand out from the crowd and start attracting new customers!

Get The Info Out There

What are the first things your customers ask for when they come to you? Common search topics include hours, location, and price.

Don’t make the website hard for your customers to navigate. Put all of the most important stuff that they’re looking for right out in front.

Keep It Lean And Clean

Maybe you’ve got dozens of photos you’re dying to upload. Perhaps you’ve joined every social media site in existence.

Don’t clutter up the page with useless designs, huge galleries, and every widget for every social site. Keep it looking neat and clean.

A simple webpage is easy to use and won’t confuse your customer.

Bonus website building tips: cutting the clutter keeps your site running smoothly.

Make It Mobile Friendly

You might think a site that sells something like Australian pool supplies doesn’t need to be mobile-friendly but you’d be surprised.

People use their phones for everything these days, including looking up your pool supply company’s info. Mobile is the way to go.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and stay ahead of the curve.

Make It Easy To Find

One of the most important website building tips deals with SEO, or search engine optimization.

Building basic SEO into your website practically does a lot of the marketing for you. Search engines will rank you higher on the list and you’ll get more clicks.

Another way to make sure your customers find you? Make sure your URL makes sense. Don’t make it too long and stick with something easy to remember.

Don’t Forget Content!

We know we said not to fill the page with tons of pictures, but you should have a clear listing of products and services you offer.

Separate the images into easy-to-find lists. Write a basic description of each product as well and make sure your customer knows how to purchase it from there.

Call To Action

Out of all of the website building tips, this is the one you can’t afford to ignore. Make sure you have a call to action at every step of the page.

What that means is giving the client something to do, like buy a product or schedule a service.

We’ve Got More Website Building Tips!

Now that you’ve got the best website building tips under your belt, you might be eager to keep going.

Whether you want to dig deeper into SEO or are looking for other ways to help your business thrive, we’ve got you covered.

Keep coming back to our blog every day for the latest info to take your business to the next level!