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5 Essential Janitor Interview Questions

One of the first things a client will notice when they enter your building is the cleanliness.

To maintain a good image, you want your business to be clean and approachable! If you’re busy running a business though, it’s unlikely that you have the time to do any cleaning yourself!

Hiring a custodian can make your building maintenance a lot simpler! How do you find the perfect candidate though?

Below is a guide of 5 essential janitor interview questions that will help you find the best individual for the job!

The 5 Essential Janitor Interview Questions

There’s not always time to hold lengthy interviews when you’re searching for candidates. These five questions will help you find the best potential hires!

1. What Equipment They’re Familiar With

It’s always a good idea to ask what cleaning equipment they’ve had experience with in the past. If your building uses any special equipment, they might have to be trained in on it. Some equipment is very similar across the board, and the skills to use them are easily transferable.

Knowing how to properly care for and maintain bigger pieces of equipment is always a valuable skill for permission candidates to possess.

2. How They Stay Motivated

Janitorial work can be very repetitive, so ask a candidate how they intend to stay motivated on the job. Good candidates will often answer that they strive to always become more efficient in their duties, and that’s where their motivation lies.

Janitorial positions often require evening shifts, so it’s important to gauge the individual’s motivation and energy levels before the hire.

3. What Responsibilities They Can Account For

Ask your candidate what they were responsible for doing in their previous janitorial position. Follow up by asking what responsibilities they would expect or like to see handed to them in the position they are applying for.

This question helps you get a better sense of a candidate’s work ethic and how much they are willing to put into their job. Whether you are investing in a service from a company such as Prestige Janitorial Services or performing an outside hire, you want to know the individual can take on the required tasks with vigor.

4. Their Interactions with the Public

If your janitors would be working during working hours, it’s important to know how they would perform their job while passerbys or clients are in the area. While they may not be the face of your company, your janitor still represents your brand!

On the other hand, you want to find a candidate whose quality of work won’t be hindered due to interactions with the public.

5. What Sets Them Apart

Asking a candidate what sets them apart from other applicants is one of the most important janitor interview questions. While it’s a broad question that can be applied in interviews for many positions, it’s very useful in finding a good fit for a janitorial position.

Search for candidates who reply to this question with gusto. Applicants who push their time management skills and are satisfied when a job is completed well are the individuals you want to hire.

Think Carefully

This list of essential janitor interview questions will get you started on your way to finding the perfect fit for your janitorial position. Not everyone has what it takes to fulfill custodial responsibilities, and these questions can help you weed out those who are lacking.

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