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What Should You Look For In A Marketing Content Writer?

marketing content writerA phrase you’ll often hear marketers use is “content is king.” It’s easy to see why content marketing has become so popular. While content costs 65% less than traditional marketing approaches, it can generate up to 3 times as many leads.

Of course, to have a successful content marketing strategy, your business will need to produce great content. This can be time-consuming, and can be challenging if you don’t have talented writers on your team.

A marketing content writer is a great option if your business wants to develop a content strategy but doesn’t have the in-house capacity. Here are some things to consider when hiring one.

Read Some Samples of their Work

First, you want to make sure the writer’s skills are up to your site’s standards. Pay special attention to whether the voice and style align with what your business wants to convey. Of course, you also want to choose a writer who has a command of basic spelling, grammar, and usage concepts.

If your business deals with specific technical subjects, you will want to find a writer who can describe your company/product in terms customers can understand. Look for writers who have work in the portfolio on subjects similar to your industry.

Good Communication

It’s important that the writer your company hires is good and communicating with your team and understanding your expectations. Otherwise, you can easily end up with a bunch of content that is not in line with what you’re looking for.

When you hire a new writer, start off by contracting for a small assignment. This way, you can test out how well your relationship with the writer works. If the writer is not effective at asking good questions and communicating with you, you can move on to someone else after the project is done.

Look for Knowledge of SEO

When it comes to effective content marketing, writing engaging content is only half the battle. If your content is not search engine optimized (SEO), readers will have difficulty finding it.

Ask potential content writers about their knowledge of researching keywords and writing headlines. This will help you find a writer who will be able to identify what keywords they should target to attract customers to your business.

Where to Find Writers?

If you’re looking to find a writer for your business, there are a few options. One option is to consult other folks in your network and ask them who they have used for content writing. A personal recommendation can help you find folks with the unique skill set your business needs.

Many freelance agencies exist specifically to connect businesses with marketing content writers versed in SEO. For instance, the writers at SEOClerks are all trained in strategies for boosting search engine rankings.

Hire a Marketing Content Writer Today

With these tips in mind, you will be able to hire the perfect marketing content writer for your business’s needs.

Once you’ve hired a writer, it’s important to clearly communicate expectations. Check out our helpful free workplace templates for help with employee evaluations and goal setting.