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Right on Time! 6 Key Characteristics of a Successful Delivery Business

If someone delivered a bouquet of flowers or even a dozen eggs to your door, late, you would probably be upset.

You delivery would also be ruined.

According to Statista, 5.2 billion packages were sent and received in the U.S. in 2017.

That could be a lot of rotten eggs with the wrong company on the job.

Here are the six characteristics essential to running a successful delivery business. Let’s roll!

1. Flexibility

Some customers need last minute deliveries. By offering flexible shipping and pricing options, you show customers you’re capable of answering their needs.

To offer next-day and same-day delivery, you need to make sure your company is running efficiently and productively. That way, you can make the most of your time.

Here are a few tips for increasing your company’s productivity.

2. Insurance

An insurance clause clearly states what your company is and isn’t responsible for.

As a result, you can create transparency between your company and customers. This also informs customers that you’re reliable and trustworthy enough to handle their deliveries.

When starting a delivery service, you also need to apply for a business license and receive a federal tax identification number. Make it official!

3. Premium Services

Some delivery companies offer software solutions, such as the Solocate Delivery Management System, to track deliveries.

By offering premium services, you prove you’re able to go above and beyond your competitors.

Premium services also show your ability to cater to a customer’s unique needs. As a result, you have a competitive advantage that customers know only you offer.

4. Fast Delivery

Remember the bouquet and the eggs? A late delivery can entirely ruin the package inside, or at the very least, the surprise.

Prove you’re fast, reliable, and can deliver packages securely with every shipment.

5. Excellent Customer Service

According to ZenDesk, 62 percent of B2B and 42 percent of B2C customers will return to a company after a good customer service experience.

Customers want to speak with someone who can answer their questions and understand their concerns. Prioritize your customers and remind them you’re there to help.

That way, they know your company is easy to work with.

6. A Record of Success

Customers often check online reviews when deciding on which company to trust. They want someone they can rely on.

Once you’ve been in business a while, online reviews and word of mouth will kick up.

With a track record of success, you can show customers that you’re capable of handling their deliveries, regardless of the situation. Heavy storms, traffic, holidays, and sales can make it difficult to make deliveries on time.

However, your track record can show customers you’ve handled those same situations in the past with care.

Check out these six tips for offering the best customer service.

6 Signs of a Successful Delivery Business

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Maybe it’s actually which was delivered first that matters more.

With these six characteristics to run a delivery business in mind, you can set your company up for longterm success!

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