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Don’t Leave Home Without Them: 10 Business Travel Essentials

In the United States, around 488 million business trips occur every year. As a business person, you might have contributed your fair share to this number.

Although you may be well-seasoned in travel, there are probably still a few things you can improve in to make each trip an optimal one. Here are 10 business travel essentials you should have with you for ultimate comfort and productivity.

1. Cord Case

Chances are, you’re traveling with a bunch of electronics so you can work while on your journeys. Bringing along things like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even your beard trimmer can cause you to struggle with tangled cords.

Buying a simple case will enable you to store all of your cords neatly. That way, you won’t have to waste time sorting through and untangling all of them just for one thing.

2. A Power Strip

This one might sound like a weird one, but think about it: how many times have you packed all your electronics, their respective cords, chargers, and adapters, only to find that there aren’t enough outlets in your hotel room?

When this happens, it can put a serious dent in your productivity. If you bring a power strip with you on your business trips, you’ll always have enough outlets to use, provided you find 1 free one in the room.

3. Travel Document Folder

For any traveler, losing their documents means a ruined trip. For you, not only can your trip be ruined, but it may also spell the end of your career at a particular company.

Invest in a good leather zipper folio to keep all of your travel documents in, such as your passport and any visas. You can also keep your vital business documents in there.

With it zipped up, everything inside will be safe. Make sure to also keep it near (or on) your person while on your journey to minimize the chances of losing it.

4. Travel-Sized (and TSA-Friendly) Toiletries

Your hotel rooms most likely provide you with things like soap and body wash, but the truth is, those don’t feel too great. How can you be on your A-game if you don’t feel your best?

It may take some extra work, but bringing travel-sized versions of your favorite soaps, body wash, and shaving cream can make all the difference in how you feel while traveling. Plus, if you put them in TSA-friendly containers, you’ll barely have any extra troubles while going through airport security.

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones

To do your best at your business meetings, you need to be well-rested. But if there’s a crying baby or a chatty couple next to you on your flight, it may be hard to get some shut-eye.

With a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, you can put on relaxing music to either sleep or work to. Whatever you wish to do, you’ll have full focus since outside noises are blocked efficiently.

6. Power Bank

The hustle-bustle world of business means you need to stay connected at all times; your smartphone is practically an extension of your arm. While it has many capabilities, it also drains the battery fast.

For those desperate times when you’re out and about and don’t have time to sit around at a cafe waiting for your phone to charge up, a power bank will come in handy. All you need to do is put the power bank in your pocket, plug your phone in, and go about with your day.

7. Car Hire App

Whether you’re arriving or departing, you’ll want to get to your desired destination as quickly as possible. You’ve already spent enough time traveling, so you shouldn’t waste another minute.

By having a car hire app ready on your phone, you can get prompt, comfortable, and even stylish transportation to wherever you wish. You won’t have to be stuck on public transportation with other people. Find out more about hiring limos with A1A Limo.

8. Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

When you’re in a cramped space (such as on the train), you may not have much room to work on your laptop. But maybe there’s a deadline coming up, or you want to touch up your presentation before the big meeting tomorrow.

An alternative to using your laptop is pairing your phone or tablet to a portable (and foldable) Bluetooth keyboard. This ensures that you can get down to business wherever you are.

9. Mobile Wifi Hotspot Device

You may have an excellent data plan on your smartphone, but you can’t always count on it to work when you need it to. Plus, the data you use through your phone may end up costing more than a hotspot device, depending on the country you’re in.

This small gadget may be pricey, but it’ll help you out in a pinch, plus it’s nice and small. All you have to do is slip it into your briefcase and when you need a mobile wifi hotspot, just turn it on and purchase a day pass.

10. Wrinkle-Free Suits

You may have been packing your best suits and bringing them in garment bags, but they may still be slightly wrinkled when you get to your destination. Annoyingly, you’ve had to spend extra time in the hotel ironing the suit to perfection again.

If you purchase a wrinkle-free suit, you won’t have to waste time doing this anymore. Instead, you can take the suit straight out of the garment bag and wear it whenever you need.

Bring These Business Travel Essentials with You

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable or like you’re wasting hours during your trips, you can improve that with the above business travel essentials. By making a small investment now and taking some time to prepare before your next business trip, you can set yourself up for better journeys for years to come.

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