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Considering Fleet Management for Your Business? Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Managing a fleet is no small feet. You have to deal with workers, vehicles, and a ton of logistics.

This is where fleet management software comes in. This software is becoming essential in today’s world. This trend is why the market for fleet management software is expected to grow to a value of $18.49 billion by 2025.

If you’re not convinced that software can help you manage your fleet, this post will help. Keep reading to learn what fleet management is and how it will help you manage your vehicles.

What Is Fleet Management Software?

Managing a fleet of vehicles has never been easy. You need to account for where your drivers are, what work you need to do on your vehicles, and all the logistics involved with transporting people and merchandise.

Fleet management software helps by providing you a simple way to track your information.

Your software provides you a portal that gives you a high-level view of your fleet. You can see what’s happening in detail at every level. This insight will help you make better decisions and manage things more efficiently.

You can read more here about the types of industries that can make use of fleet management software.

How Does Fleet Management Software Help?

Now that you know what fleet management software does, it pays to know more about how much detail it provides. Below are seven benefits you’ll see when using fleet management solutions in your company.

1. Fuel Management

Fuel is one of your biggest expenses when running a fleet. Unfortunately, you have to rely on manual reports from your drivers if you have no way to track things.

Fleet management software gives you insight into how much your vehicles are driving. You’ll be able to analyze the driving patterns of your drivers to spot inefficiencies. Once you know what’s wrong, you can correct these problems to save money on gas.

2. Vehicle Maintenance

You can’t afford to have a vehicle get taken out of service because of problems. If you don’t properly maintain your fleet, then this is going to happen a lot.

Your vehicle fleet management program will give you insight into the maintenance schedules for your vehicles. You’ll know when everything needs service work, so you reduce the chance of running into problems on the road.

3. Safety

Fleet management solutions don’t only give you insight into your vehicles. They also let you know how your operators are driving.

You can use this information to spot problem drivers. You’ll be able to work with them to improve their safety on the road. Doing this will lead to fewer accidents, and less money spent.

You can also use this information to find problems common across all your drivers. Once you know the problems, you can create training material for all your drivers to go through.

4. Cost Control

You need to be precise when you’re handling the finances for a fleet of vehicles. If you don’t have a system in place to examine your costs in detail, you run the risk of going over budget.

A fleet management program will give you reports that break down all your income and expenses. This information will help you find places to save money and improve the efficiency of your fleet.

Not only that, but management software can also help save you money on insurance. It costs a lot to insure a driver. The safety monitoring that fleet software provides gives insurance providers a reason to cut you a break.

5. Compliance

Your business carries a lot of risks when you put vehicles on the road. You have many regulations that you need to follow. If you have nothing to help you document your fleet activity, you’ll be in trouble if someone asks for proof that you’re following the rules.

Fleet management software gives you the documentation you need. It gives you one place to store all your driver information, fleet checks, travel information, and inspection sheets.

All you need to do when somebody asks you about how you are staying compliant is bring up your fleet reports.

6. Idle Time Reduction

You lose money when your fleet is idle. Your losing money from the wasted time of drivers and the fuel cost of your vehicles.

You’ll be able to monitor your idle times when you start using fleet management software. It uses GPS to track the activities of your drivers.

If you see a driver who spends too much time in one place, you can talk with them to figure out what’s going on.

You can also spot routes that have too many stops for your fleets. Instead of spending time at a lot of traffic lights, you can change your routes to reduce the time your drivers wait for traffic lights to turn green.

7. Improve Communication

It’s hard to manage a team of drivers with conventional methods. You’ll get stuck in email chains, text messages, and phone calls all day.

A fleet management program can handle all your communication needs. The first benefit is driver communication.

Your drivers have one place to log in to see their schedule and deliveries. You don’t have to rely on them getting the information themselves. There won’t be any excuse for them not to know where to go.

You can also use your software to send dispatches on the fly. Your driver will receive an automated message telling them where they need to go.

Invest In Fleet Management Today

The larger your fleet is, the more work it takes to manage everything. If you’re still doing things manually, you’re only creating more work for yourself that you can automate. Try fleet management software today to see how much time and money it will save your business.

When you get your new software set up, you’ll be able to create a management plan that works. Head back to our blog to learn how to maximize your productivity and keep your business smoothly.