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Business Owners: Here’s How to Recycle Tires

Calling all business owners! Do any of you work with tires? If you do, you know how hard it can be to dispose of them. 

You can’t take them to the local landfill or dump. You can’t leave them at your place of business as they’ll start to pile up. 

It’s best to recycle them. This can help prevent the tires from ending up in the ocean

Want to learn how to recycle tires? Read on to learn how simple it’s to do so. 

The Benefits of Tire Recycling 

Why recycle tires, you ask? Old tires that don’t get recycled end up in landfills. They’ll take up valuable space there. 

Tires in landfills pose an environmental risk. Under certain conditions, piles of tires can be flammable. The smoke from the fires can affect nearby areas. 

Recycled tires can get new uses. Did you know that tire scraps can get new life as a road paving material? There are ways to turn old tires into reusable materials. 

Take Old Tires to a Tire Shop

Now, you might want to know how to recycle tires the best way. The good news is that there are several options. The first place to start is at a tire shop. 

Most tire shops will take old tires. The shop will take your old tires off your hand if you’re a customer. There’s no need to worry about the tires as the employees will know how to recycle them.

Call the Tire Manufacturer

You can call the tire manufacturer to learn how to recycle their tires. Look at the tire to find the manufacturer. Ask to speak with customer support. 

Most tire manufacturers have recycling programs they can refer customers to. In some cases, they’ll allow customers to drop off their old tires at one of their stores. 

Sell Your Old Tires

Tire repurposing is another way to recycle tires. If you have reusable tires, consider selling them to someone who can use them for projects. 

Some folks like to use old tires as planters. Others like to use them as tire swings. Parents with children often need old tires to make sandboxes. 

This is a great way to get rid of the tires without having to throw them out in a landfill. Plus, you can make some money. 

Go to a Tire Recycling Center

Taking your old tires to a recycling center is one of the best things you can do as a business owner. These centers follow all regulations. You get peace of mind knowing your old tires will not affect the environment. 

Most tire recycling centers use a tire shredding machine. If you have a lot of tires, it’s best to buy a tire shredder. It’ll save you the trouble of hauling the tires off to the center. 

Use This Guide To Learn How To Recycle Tires

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to protect the environment. Recycle any old tires. Now that you know how to recycle tires, it’s best to do the right thing. 

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