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7 Reasons Your Business Should Use Fleet Fuel Cards

Wondering if your company should use fleet fuel cards?

Trying to find out what their benefits are?

If vehicle usage is a big part of your business model then it’s crucial that you look for ways to manage the costs more effectively and to make things easier for your drivers. Fleet fuel cards are one tool that you can use to do this and they can be more effective than you may think for streamlining fuel usage for your business.

Below we’ll tell you about the top 7 benefits of using fleet fuel cards in your business.

1. You’ll Save Money

One of the best reasons for a business to use fuel cards is because it can help to reduce fuel expenses. Many fuel cards offer discounts and rewards of different kinds to help reduce costs. 

Quarles fleet fueling cards, for example, can allow drivers to get more bang for their buck with tiered volume discounts. While it may seem like a small amount during each fuel up, savings can definitely add up over time for a company that has many drivers using a large amount of fuel each week.

These savings and discounts alone can often make using fuel cards a very attractive option.

2. They’re More Convenient

Another great reason to start using fuel cards for your business is that it can be more convenient for your drivers.

Drivers will have to do less when it comes to tracking expenses and collecting receipts since the fuel card will document transactions automatically. Fleet fuel cards will help your company and your drivers take accurate records in an automated way.

Fleet fuel cards usually will offer access to a large number of gas stations and exclusive commercial fueling stations across the country as well. Drivers will have exactly what they need to quickly and effortlessly fill up their tanks with one simple payment method. This means they’ll be able to move faster and get back on the road in an efficient way.

3. You’ll Have More Control

Another reason that fleet cards are useful is that they can give your company more control over spending habits.

You’ll be able to place certain parameters on your drivers for how much they’re able to spend and how the card should be used. This can help ensure that your drivers are spending only what is necessary for their needs.

Fuel cards will help reduce driver responsibility and will give more of it back to the company itself. This will allow you to more easily craft your budget to ensure that every purchase a driver makes is in line with your overall financial vision. 

4. Lower Chance of Fraud

Using fuel cards in your company is also helpful because it will increase security and will help reduce the chances of fraud.

Fleet fuel cards will help you ensure that drivers are only completing authorized purchases and will help you monitor each and every transaction that occurs. Additionally, only the driver will be able to use the card because it will require a PIN or an ID to use.

Using these cards will help provide further protection so that your business doesn’t incur any charges that it didn’t make or get into unnecessary disputes with a credit card company.

5. Accurate Records and Reports

One of the best things about using fuel cards is the sheer amount of data and accurate records a business will get as a result of using them.

Fleet fuel cards will track purchases automatically and can help create insightful reports that will give your business an accurate image of how much money your drivers are spending on gas, both individually and collectively. This kind of data can be hugely beneficial for planning your business budget and will help you to be as efficient as possible during operations. 

Additionally, if anything seems odd or if some drivers are spending more than necessary for their needs you’ll be able to find out simply and effortlessly.

6. Less Paperwork

Another great thing about using fuel cards is that the data and records you’ll get from purchases will be kept digitally for you to access from anywhere. You’ll prevent paperwork from collecting on your desk and will be able to see all of the important information digitally. You’ll be able to access the information in a simple way whenever you need to.

Keeping all of the data digitally or in the cloud can be very convenient for your business and you’ll avoid the problem of having too many receipts and paper reports piling up and bogging down your office.

7. Eliminate Reimbursements

Sometimes in the course of operating a business, there will be instances when an emergency comes up and a driver has to pay for something out of pocket to get reimbursed later on. With fleet fuel cards, this will never be necessary. You’ll be able to have the funds on the card and ready to access as soon as they’re needed.

Fleet fuel cards will help you to keep things better organized. A card will be more convenient for the business and for the driver who will no longer be faced with paying for work expenses out of pocket.

Making the Choice to Use Fleet Fuel Cards in Your Business

While it may seem like a very simple thing, the truth is that adopting the use of fleet fuel cards can be a real gamechanger. By using fleet fuel cards in your business, you’ll be able to more efficiently operate your business and will make things easier on your drivers as well.

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