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6 Car Safety Features You Can’t Afford to Skimp On

Each year, around 6 million car accidents take place in the United States. This translates into 16,000 accidents each day. Regardless of what the cause of an accident is, cars with the best standard safety features have a better chance of keeping you and anyone else in the car safe.

But with so many advancements in mechanics and technology, it can be hard to know what the best car safety features are.

Keep reading for a car safety features list that’ll help you put safety first. 

1. Emergency Brakes

Many car accidents that happen each year involve one car failing to brake and hitting another. In many of these cases, an emergency or parking brake could have prevented the accident.

An emergency brake is independent of your regular brake. This means that if your primary brake fails for whatever reason, you’ll be able to stop your car. You can also use emergency brakes when you park, as doing so increases your car’s stability.

2. A Surround-View Camera 

Whenever you back up your car or start driving, it’s a good idea to check your surroundings. However, in some cases, doing that is not enough.

Many modern cars come with surround-view cameras. These allow you to see all around your vehicle. The camera shows you pedestrians, cars, or objects that would otherwise be out of your view. Many camera systems beep when you get too close to something.

3. Blind Spot Monitoring 

Like a surround-view camera, a blind spot monitor helps you see objects that are on either side of your car and would otherwise go undetected.

Blindspot warning systems rely on radar, cameras, and sensors to detect other vehicles on either side of you. If there’s something there, your car will emit a noise and display a visual.

4. Automatic High-Beams

If you’re driving at night, you know how hard it can be to see when someone comes at you with their high-beams on. This can lead to an inability to see, in turn leading to car accidents.

Automatic high-beams do the work for you. They turn off on their own when another car approaches you. 

5. Lane Tracing Assist

When you get distracted behind the wheel, you can drift towards the edge of a lane without realizing it. Lane tracing assist prevents that from happening through a combination of cameras and sensors. 

This system uses automatic steering adjustment to make sure that your car stays where it should be in any lane.

6. A Rear-Seat Reminder System

A rear-seat reminder is a simple feature, but one that may help save lives. When you open your rear door within 10 minutes of driving, your car assumes that it may be to place a child, dog, or important object in the back seat.

When you stop and park your car, and audible reminder beeps, telling you not to forget it.

Don’t Skimp Out on These Six Car Safety Features 

When you’re shopping around for a car, safety should always be the top priority. Getting a car that comes with some or all of these car safety features will ensure that you and your passengers stay safe while on the road.

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