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3 Creative Automotive Dealership Marketing Ideas

Did you know there are around 16,800 car dealerships in the USA? 

If you’re going to open a car dealership, you need to know how to market yourself. Otherwise, you’re going to be overwhelmed by all of this competition. 

Read on, and you’ll discover three creative automotive dealership marketing ideas. If you want your dealership to attract plenty of customers, these tactics should help you stand out. 

Let’s begin!

1. Send out Flyers

If you want to promote your dealership, then there’s no harm in trying out an old school method such as sending out flyers. 

If you’re going to adopt this method, your flyers must be interesting and eye-catching.

If you’d like some inspiration, you might want to review the flyers that other dealerships send out. You can find such flyers by typing the keyword ‘dealership flyers’ into Google and then clicking on the images tab. 

2. Create a Social Media Presence

If you’d like to take a more modern approach, you might want to think about establishing a social media presence. 

If you’re want to build up a social media presence, you should think about creating a YouTube and Instagram account.

You can use the YouTube account to post videos that educate your target market. So, you might create a bit of content that highlights the benefits of a particular car. 

When it comes to your Instagram account, you can do the same thing, but this time with a greater focus on pictures. 

Therefore, you might take some high-quality photos of a car, and then use the captions section on Instagram to describe the vehicle. 

3. Consult a Digital Marketing Agency

You might believe in the power of digital marketing, but you might not have the time to create online marketing campaigns. If that’s the case, you may want to think about hiring a digital marketing agency. 

When hiring a digital marketing agency, it’s often a good idea to find someone that is able to showcase their expertise. 

For instance, imagine you want to hire a digital marketing agency so that you can boost your presence on Facebook. 

You should try to find an agency that has content on their site that is relevant to your goal. An example of this could be a blog post that describes how they would approach Facebook marketing for dealerships

If you find such content, you can be confident that the agency is competent. This will then provide you with some peace of mind if you ever decide to hire them.

Will You Use These Creative Automotive Dealership Marketing Ideas? 

If you use these creative automotive dealership marketing ideas, you should be able to reach your target audience. 

Creative marketing is often the best form of marketing. Thus, if you want results, you’ll need to experiment and try out a wide range of strategies.

This could mean that you experiment with an existing approach or that you jump on new marketing trends whenever possible. 

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