SEO Tricks and Tips: The Top 6 SEO Trends in 2020

About 55% of the world’s population has internet access. This percentage equates to 4.2 billion global users. The rise in internet use is highly attributable to the increasing use of smartphones.

With the escalating use of the internet, website owners and digital marketers are realizing the significance of search engine optimization. The right SEO strategy will increase your website’s visibility. The resultant traffic translates to more sales.

If you are a business owner, you need to know some of the SEO tricks to integrate for your growth. Here are 6 top SEO trends to watch out in 2020.  

1. Continued Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the SEO forces that have made significant impacts over the years. The Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) is a recent AI development. BERT process Google’s language, which influences the way people use search engines. 

BERT further enables Google to understand the context and usage of words in searches. Consequently, SEO gurus need to focus on creating high-quality content. These algorithm updates are necessitating webmasters to concentrate less on search engines and prioritize the value users will derive from the content.

BERT is changing the way most people have been viewing SEO. If your focus was keyword density to increase traffic, you might need to re-strategize. With these recent updates, your aim should be to deliver authoritative, informative, and useful information that users will deem relevant.

2. Technical SEO and UX

SEO professionals who want to grow in 2020 ought to focus on user experience. The entire process from interacting with SERPS to landing on a page should be user friendly. You need to ensure that your users will find your site valuable from the first visit. 

Technical SEO is central to UX. As it stands, most sites have a weak technical foundation. Shoring technical foundations is one of the best practices to consider this year. Developers need to redesign pages as page speed will be a critical aspect of SEO. 

It won’t be surprising to see a further shift to the technical SEO ecosystem characterized by PWAs, JavaScript frameworks, and SEO automation. This shift will be more evident as the year progresses. SEO specialists should work on improving their technical abilities in the field. 

3. Mobile SEO

Almost 72.6% of internet users are projected to use their smartphones solely to access the web by 2025. The numbers present a great opportunity for digital marketers. Take advantage of this shift to grow your SEO marketing. 

Your site should be mobile friendly before making it desktop-compatible. Undoubtedly, people are more likely to access your website through their mobile devices. Mobile-friendliness is one of the SEO tricks that will set you apart from your competitors. 

Mobiles are convenient, and consumers are likely to do searches through their devices. If your site is accessible through phone, using a service or buying a product becomes more plausible. Users are likely to press the back button if they can’t load your page from their phones.

An exceptional mobile experience should consider elements such as load time, images, and page speed. With such features, you’ll be confident that your site will gain considerable traffic.

4. High-Quality and Optimized Content

Content is the lifeblood of search engine optimization. Your content affects the entire SEO strategy. Your success in 2020 will depend on the value and relevance of your content. 

If you are not sure of your writing skills, hire professionals. Exceptional content will give you an edge when it comes to long-tail searches, which are about 70% of the search queries. Great content will further enhance your site’s authority. 

Investing in content localization will have your site ranking high. local seo is one of the SEO tricks that will give your site more traffic than you can imagine. This approach will allow you to optimize your keywords and help you understand the target audience. 

Most global websites haven’t considered the local audience. The 2020 SEO trends will focus on the user. You can start by ensuring that your content appeals to your intended audience. 

5. The Dominance of Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is likely to disrupt SEO in 2020. Businesses should be wary of possible changes and make relevant adjustments. While voice technology isn’t new, it has proliferated over the years.

Media analytics predicts that almost half of online searches in 2020 will be through voice. A significant percentage of internet users will be searching the internet without a screen. Consequently, there will be an increase in the use of smart speakers.

Voice search optimization will affect aspects such as keyword length. Queries will be longer as compared to the written word. Digital marketers will have to provide content that answers the question words that will dominate voice searches. 

6. Videos as Part of SEO Tricks for Marketers 

Video marketing is a 2020 trend that will continue to dominate. The consumption of online videos is on the rise. A recent forecast predicts that people will be spending, on average, 100 minutes each day watching online videos.

The engaging nature of videos makes them preferable. Most people learn about a service or product through the videos. Embracing videos as part of your SEO strategy in 2020 will enhance brand engagement. 

You should consider using a thumbnail nail image that entices lures to click the video. Include transcripts for all your videos and a captivating caption. You ought to have your videos on multiple platforms to increase the potential audience.

The Right SEO Tricks Will Grow Your Business to the Next Level

Webmasters need to know most of the SEO trends in 2020 that might affect their digital marketing. Understanding these trends will allow you to adopt SEO tricks that are likely to impact your business. With the anticipated competition in 2020, you’ll need to go beyond the average SEO hacks to get organic traffic. 

It would help to start analyzing your current SEO strategy. Ensure that your approach incorporates most of these trends. With time, you’ll enjoy the full benefits of these SEO developments. 

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