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Promissory Note

This free template provides a starting point to create an agreement for loaning money between people or a company. When signed between two people the promise includes options to inlcude such as the repayment amount, due dates and interest charges. The simple form can be used for an employee agreement when lending money. Download in Google Doc for free - no catches! Stop by our Small Business Forum to join in with other members discussing best practices for handling promissory notes in the workplace.

Promissory Note


Amount Required




I Mr/Mrs/Miss, hereby make a commitment to pay (COMPANY OR NAME), the sum of

$ ________________________

Repayment is to be made in the form of (AMOUNT OF PAYMENTS i.e $100) equal payments, including an interest rate of (STATE RATE %) of $ ________. This amount is payable on the (DAY) of each month, beginning (START DATE) until the total amount of this debt is paid, we estimate this to take (STATE THE MONTHS/YEARS).

IN WITNESS WHEREOF; I set my hand under seal this ________ (THE DAY) of __________ (THE MONTH), 20____ and I acknowledge receipt of a completed copy of this promissory note.

Signed: (Signature of Borrower)

Name & Address (PARTY NAME)

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