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Supervisor Evaluation Form

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This document provides the necessary information we require to achieve a highly effective workplace. Please ensure you answer the following questions with honesty and integrity. Your responses will be documented along with those provided by your team.

Below we would like you to circle the accurate description for your colleague, please ensure you complete each line. Please be aware that the "N/A" section is for those individuals where this does not apply, should this be the case please circle "N/A".

Using the scale of 1-5 in this section 1 being "less likely" and 5 being "highly likely". Please circle the number in the end box or circle the "N/A" box.

1 Behaves and expresses oneself in an open and honest manner 12 345NFH
2 Is consistent in all tasks that he/she does 12 345NFH
3 Appropriately handles difficult situations 12 345NFH
4 Shares all information with co-workers which is accurate and complete 12 345NFH
5 Handles sensitive information informatively 12 345NFH
6 Follows through on all assignments and commitments 12 345NFH
7 Completes tasks in a timely fashion 12 345NFH
8 Considerate to the needs of others 12 345NFH
9 Demonstrates commitment to goals, initiatives, policies & procedures 12 345NFH
10 Encourages co-workers to be open and honest 12 345NFH
11 Encourages co-workers to share accurate and completed information 12 345NFH
12 Recognizes employees who follow through and demonstrate commitment 12 345NFH

Please list any areas where you feel this supervisor is doing particularly well.

Please list any areas where you feel this supervisor could improve.

1 Exceeds expectations in all tasks and goals 12 345NFH
2 Is a focused individual who perseveres, even during tough challenges 12 345NFH
3 Prioritizes tasks based on importance 12 345NFH
4 Is actively seeking growth and development for oneself and the team 12 345NFH
5 Is open to suggestions and change 12 345NFH
6 Actively offers ways to improve 12 345NFH
7 Forthcoming with feedback 12 345NFH
8 Maintains focus 12 345NFH
9 Overcomes obstacles 12 345NFH
10 Provides performance feedback which enables development 12 345NFH
11 Produces quality and timely results 12 345NFH

Likability: Please list the three most likeable aspects of your supervisor.

Goals: What three goals should your supervisor focus on moving forward?

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