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Sales Employee Evaluation Form

Sales Evaluation Form

1 Understands product details 12 345NFH
2 A focused and eager listener who is able to offer empathy 12 345NFH
3 Pushes technique over ability 12 345NFH
4 Is easily managed 12 345NFH
5 Very engaged and helps deliver new information 12 345NFH
6 Is a goal driven individual 12 345NFH
7 Exceeds goals and targets on a continual basis 12 345NFH
8 Utilizes training concepts 12 345NFH
9 Good at providing direct feedback in a real sales situation 12 345NFH
10 Is a fresh and confident salesperson 12 345NFH
11 Has a consistent and standard way of performing tasks 12 345NFH
12 Take responsibility for their actions 12 345NFH
13 Able to track activity and results effectively 12 345NFH
14 Is able to close sales but work the pipeline for a successful margin 12 345NFH
15 Is a productive salesperson who is consistently driving sales 12 345NFH
16 Is able to target the right call using the correct information 12 345NFH
17 Is a great producer of research regarding their prospects' needs 12 345NFH
18 Has a good concept of the product/service/industry 12 345NFH
19 Is motivated and inspired 12 345NFH
20 Is consistent with sales numbers sales/units/margins 12 345NFH
21 Is an individual who can remove barriers from sales efforts 12 345NFH

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