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Motivate Your Team

In order to energize your employees you should write well written goals, however, finding the right phrases can sometimes pose a problem and lead to a headache.

Driving your work force towards a shared goal is a good way to energize your whole team and help turn those individual employees into co-leaders.

For those in managerial roles, motivation and goal setting is an integral part of providing a positive work environment, one where employees feel good about coming to work, but how do you sustain this motivational attitude throughout the day?

As a team leader you are in charge of pushing your co-workers to perform at a higher level which also means that you notice when certain individuals require extra training, however, are you training your team in the right areas?

To get started with motivating your co-workers you need to ask yourself how you can energize and motivate your team, how you can avoid mistakes and keep within a budget.


M. Masterful
O. Objective
T. Trust
I. Improve
V. Value
A. Achieve
T. Time
E. Energize

Motivated teams are MASTERFUL

A team with knowledge or skills in a particular subject or activity and is powerful with the ability to control others. To achieve your goals you need a team which are authoritative and able to cleverly adapt to ever changing situations.

Motivated teams are OBJECTIVE

With a clear aim and targeted goal set your motivated team are open-minded, fair and are not influenced by personal feelings or opinions, the intention is clear.

Motivated teams bring TRUST

Motivating a team with a firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something is a great way to build on relationships within your team. Break your trust and you break the team.

Motivated teams IMPROVE

Efforts to constantly improve your team helps relations between co-workers, improvements are always within the bounds of reality, as a team leader you should be constantly looking at ways to improve the team. a happy motivated team always performs better.

Motivated teams have VALUE

Showing your team how valuable they are is an important aspect of your role and is an effective way of making your co-workers feel that they are admired for their hard work and efforts. Never underestimate the power of self-esteem!

Motivated teams ACHIEVE

Successfully motivated teams deliver results, either by skill, effort or pure courage, this shows that your team are efficiently completing their tasks, goals or projects.

Motivated teams devote TIME

The ability to get things done and in a timely manner is the sign of a well motivated and organised team. Having the know how to improve existing processes and provide solutions to problems in a time conscious order will improve productivity and create a happy work environment.

You must understand that as a team leader your employees are motivated by their own unique interests, therefore, you must adapt your motivational skills from one employee to another, they are not all the same. Instead of applying strategies where "one fits all", the best way is to find out what your employees expect from their jobs and address their needs on a unique level.