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Hotel Employee Evaluation Form

Hotel Employee Evaluation

1 Is a very accommodating individual when dealing with guests 12 345NFH
2 Makes a good first impression with your guests 12 345NFH
3 Has a bright personality and is good at developing great memories for your guests 12 345NFH
4 Is knowledgeable in the correct steps in handling escalating situations 12 345NFH
5 Is well versed in the product and services offered by the hotel 12 345NFH
6 Proficient in applying their staff skills 12 345NFH
7 Is able to control production and is aware of the products being served 12 345NFH
8 Is respectful to guests and able to communicate in a professional manner 12 345NFH
9 A keen listener and offers valuable feedback 12 345NFH
10 Performs well under unusual circumstances 12 345NFH
11 Capable at making guests feel like their needs are taken care of in a timely fashion 12 345NFH
12 Accountable for his/her actions 12 345NFH
13 A good communicator and well versed in engaging guests in conversations 12 345NFH

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