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Sample Employee Goals and Objectives

In order to assist your employees in knowing what is to be expected of them in their position you need to set short term performance goals which are allocated to specific duties, thus ensuring your management team and your employees are all working on the same page.

Employee Goals & Objectives

Sample Goals for Employee Performance Evaluation

"The more informed you are, the less arrogant and aggressive you are".

1. Encourage enthusiasm: A positive work force can pave the way to more motivated and engaged employees.

2. Expect punctuality: This is especially important, it reassures your boss that you take your job seriously. Punctuality is often key to a successful goal deadline, meeting deadlines and being punctual means you get the job done.

3. Champion a better attitude: Be a positive and energetic role model, smile and be friendly (even on your bad days) and engage with them, if possible share some lunch time meals, play up-lifting background music and provide nice recreational areas for your employees to relax during their breaks.

4. Improve communication: This is crucial to success and happiness, relationships cannot survive without open communication, internal communication reflects a lot on the company and could even be the make or break of a business. Check in with your employees more often, meet regularly in person or online if this is not possible. Listen to their thoughts and opinions. Share internal helpful documents and make them readily available for new employees and maintain an open door policy so your employees know they can talk to you at any time and feel comfortable in doing so.

5. Offer praise and reward: A job well done deserves positive feedback to your employees this supports development and high performance. Offering feedback gives a clear indication to your employee what is expected of them in certain situations or circumstances. Try to ensure this feedback is face to face and be specific about the actions or behaviours which met your expectations.

6. Sense of community: Your employees want to belong somewhere and a well oiled work-force allows your whole team to feel they can reach out and share information or interests which is a benefit to the whole company. Offering a strong sense of loyalty to your employees, regardless of their title, makes them feel important and an essential part of your team.

7. Motivation: A well motivated team is energized and positive, be sure you recognize the unique aspect of each team member, what motivates one won't motivate the other. Recognize the needs of your employees, track sales and keep records of progress. Seek ways to make work life more satisfactory, clean and tidy. Allow your employees to access all the training tools they need and enhance their skills and experience to benefit the whole team.

8. Be answerable: Your employees need to know that you mean what you say, so sit down with each employee and discuss expectations, what do they expect of the company and what do you expect of them. Your employees need to know that whatever the mistake, each team member will be answerable, that includes managers and owners.

9. Be a great listener: Provide an environment where your team communicate well but where you also listen to their input and show that you are engaged in conversations and willing to offer feedback.

10. Be a good leader: You are responsible for your team and your business and its employees reflect on yourself, ensuring you are honest and ethical is key value to being a strong leader. Promote a healthy and office lifestyle and encourage your team to live up to your standards. Learn to trust your employees and delegate tasks to the appropriate members, set a high example, be passionate and consistent.