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Sample Employee Evaluation Comments

Use this checklist to easily identify key employee evaluation comments to include when review job performance.

Employee Evaluation Comments

Works well within a team and exhibits many strengths

Maintains good time keeping in a diverse setting

Conducts oneself in a appropriate and professional manner

Performs to high standards of accuracy and productivity

Takes pride and strives for improvement on all projects

Does not require constant supervision

Is able to work alone and in a team

Completes all required paperwork in a timely manner

Always at work and on time

Does not skip work without prior notice

Does not take unscheduled holidays

Always cordial and shows willing to help co-workers

Is able to think independently and creatively

Adapts to new systems and processes with ease

Asks the right questions at the right time

Demonstrates oral and written communication skills

Offers constructive ideas for problem solving

Conducts research and is always prepared for upcoming tasks

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