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What is SDS Software & Why Does Your Company Need it?

The US chemical industry was valued at a staggering $553 billion in 2019. Currently, the sector directly provides over 500,000 high paying jobs across the country. This mammoth enterprise indirectly supports nearly 4.5 million more jobs.   

For the millions of people who work in the chemical industry, safety is paramount. Chemical substances can be hazardous. It’s one of the top reasons OSHA requires that companies that deal with chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials have safety data sheets (SDSs) and, if possible, reliable SDS software. 

SDSs help staff identify any hazards in their work environment and understand how to safely handle materials that might be harmful. Historically, these sheets were first printed in hard copy before being stored in binders.

However, with the development of SDS business software, more companies are choosing to incorporate this technology into their environmental, health, and safety (EHS) programs. In reality, SDS computer software makes a lot of business sense.

In this post, we tell you all you need to know about SDS software and the benefits the software can bring to your business. Read on to learn more.

What Are Safety Data Sheets?

Before we talk about SDS software, it’s beneficial to understand what safety data sheets (SDSs) are. SDSs are sheets used for communicating information on any hazards present on chemicals and other potentially harmful substances. These sheets are required of chemical manufacturers, distributors, or importers. 

An SDS contains such essential information as:

  • The properties of the chemical; 
  • The physical, health, and environmental health hazards
  • Protective measures 
  • Safety precautions for storing, handling, and transporting the chemical 

Typically, the information in an SDS is in English. However, the information may still be in other languages. OSHA stipulates the minimum information that you need to include in an SDS. Unfortunately, creating a safety data-sheet can be quite a laborious task, particularly when you are producing them manually.

What Is SDS Software?

SDS software refers to an electronic management system that allows you to edit, organize, or store your SDSs using a single, convenient platform. One business can have thousands of SDSs, which makes it difficult and time-consuming to arrange or distribute them by hand. 

SDS business software was created to streamline this difficult process and help companies adhere to all legal documentation necessities when they’re shipping and selling chemical products.

The best SDS management software comes with a wide variety of features, including smartphone integration, container tracking, compliance checks, and so on. 

Benefits of Investing in SDS Management System

Businesses invest in SDS programs for many reasons. The truth is there are numerous benefits of SDS software. We take a look at some of them below.

SDS Programs Save Time

In an increasingly fast-paced business world, time is a resource you cannot afford to waste. This is particularly the case if you are a busy EHS leader who attends to countless tasks during a typical workday. Manually sorting through a mountain of SDS binders for essential information can waste valuable hours that you should spend on other safety initiatives.

With SDS software for your business, you have all the required and up-to-date content in a central place. Retrieving that information can be done in seconds. Even better, the latest software enables mobile access so your staff can access any information they require on-demand, regardless of where they’re working.

You Get to Save Money

When you save time in business, money savings naturally follow. That’s because, with more time on your hands, you can focus on other areas in your business that require it the most.

Safety leaders especially need to realize this, given that they’re high-value members of the business and shouldn’t be devoting time to menial tasks such as SDS reviews. In fact, no staff member should spend hours performing tasks that may quickly be automated for faster results.

SDS Software Reduces Risk

Risk at the workplace can come in many forms. A reliable SDS management helps you avert risks in many ways. 

Firstly, it makes sure that your safety SDSs are up-to-date, in line with OSHA requirements. This alone can help you avoid hefty costly fines for noncompliance. And given that your workers have the resources needed for handling materials safely, you get to alleviate their risk of injury.

The Software Is Efficient

SDS software averts any worries about the accuracy of the work in progress. The software itself is updated regularly and automatically, so it’s always valid. And since the SDSs are always within the database, you needn’t worry about information going missing.

But that’s not all. SDS software ensures that all your workers can access similar information at any given time. That means that you don’t need to stash and maintain multiple binders around the organization, which saves space and other resources.

With process and systems operating efficiently, everyone wins.

SDS Software Is Eco Friendly

One of the benefits that come with going paperless is that you get to conserve the environment. Sending electronic SDSs means that you reduce the amount of paper, ink, and other products that get wasted whenever you use hard copy sheets.  

SDS programs also allow you to keep track of potentially hazardous chemicals. Most systems promptly send a notification when a toxic substance enters your facility. Your employees remain aware of the location of dangerous shipments, which reduces the likelihood of unwanted incidents.

The Software Has Translation Capabilities

Some chemical product manufacturers ship their products internationally. This can create problems when creating SDSs, given that not all your recipients will necessarily understand English. 

Thankfully, there’s advanced SDS management software that can resolve this issue quickly. Such software typically comes with built-in translation tools that will accurately translate SDSs into most languages. This ensures that the people who receive the shipments will understand all documentation included.

Reliable SDS Software Can Boost Your Business

Investing in SDS software is one of the smartest business moves. While the move may look simple, it is an incredibly powerful way to reduce risks, boost efficiency, and save your company time and money.

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