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7 Benefits of Using a Technology Integration Program for Small Businesses

Did you know that 80 percent of all small businesses are still using manual data integration tools? Not only does this waste time and lower productivity, but it also adds human error into the equation.

Technology integration is essential for any business. It can allow you to streamline processes and to get an overview of your business so that you can make improvements where necessary. But what are the actual benefits of an integration program?

Read on to find out how an integration program can help you with running a business.

What Is an Integration Program?

System integration lets you bring all of the programs that you use for your business together to create one seamless system. Integration lets systems interact with one another to get a smooth function that makes your business more efficient.

An integration program not only connects people, departments, and functions together but it also adds value by removing repetitive tasks.

1. Increased Productivity

Boosting your business’s productivity means more satisfied customers and more revenue. This is one of the most important benefits a technology integration program can offer.

Having to work with different programs and having to perform repetitive manual actions takes up a lot of time and effort that you and your employees could be using for other things. An integration program can also protect against errors that can cause even more delays. When all of your data is kept together and is organized and accessible, letting you share it across different platforms, you will save time.

Adding an integration program to your business lets you cut the time spent on repetitive tasks and ensures mistakes are at a minimum to make your company’s function much more efficient. Discover more here to see how an integration program can improve productivity.

2. Improved Communications

When you add an integration program to your business, you are allowing your devices and platforms to talk to one another. They can share data and they can work together to help analyze data.

It also lets your employees communicate more easily. Different departments can share information more rapidly, allowing for real-time decisions that can improve customer satisfaction. You can keep all departments updated on company changes or anything else you want them to know.

It can also help employees who work remotely and can even add that possibility to your business.

3. Accelerated Growth

When you have a business that can make real-time decisions using the most accurate data that they can easily share with one another, you are on the path for accelerated growth.

When using an integration program, you can get feedback on where you are doing well and what areas need improvement or need to be changed altogether. As your business grows, it is easier for an integrated program to keep up than having lots of different programs you have to update and tweak. You can scale up with fewer difficulties.

An integrated program also lets you add new clients, employees, and even entire departments into the loop without a problem.

4. Better Analysis and Management

If you use different platforms for your business, it is much more difficult to analyze data and make decisions on how to improve your business. Performing data analysis on various programs takes a lot of time and can many times produce results that are too complex to act on.

Using all of these different programs can make getting the big picture of your business almost impossible. Without the right analysis of your business, you cannot keep up with the competition. With integrated technology, you can get that overview of your business so that you can compete in the market.

5. Improved Customer Satisfaction

An integration program helps reduce production times, letting you get your products or services to your customers quickly. It also lets you have the customer information you need at hand, allowing you to offer them the personalized service they want.

Because an integration program gives you information in real-time about each order, you can also let your customers know about any delays. The sooner you do this and the better your communications with the customer are, the more understanding they will be with delays.

When you have customers who are happy with their experience, you are much likelier to get repeat clients.

6. Make and Save Money

instead of having to spend money on many different platforms and programs, you can pay for one integrated option. Not only will your business save money, but it will also make money since integrated programs can boost productivity. The more efficient your business is, the more revenue you will have.

Add to that an increase in customer satisfaction which lets you maintain and gain new clients, and you will see your business’s bottom line improve.

7. Better Data Accessibility

You want employees and even entire departments to be able to access the data they need. With various platforms and devices, this can be a chore but when you have integration, you can ensure your employees have the information they need when they need it.

Data accessibility also makes it possible for employees to make data-driven decisions, which means they will make better ones. This makes it easier for your business to grow.

Choose Integration

With all of the benefits that an integration program can offer, it is an option you want to consider for your business. It will accelerate your company’s growth while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Why rely on many programs that will not work together perfectly when you can choose one system?

If you want to know more about how technology can help your business, turn to our Technology page!