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Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing: 4 Top Tips

Today, Facebook has 2.74 billion active users per month. This makes Facebook the world’s third most visited website. Whether you’re a major corporation or a local small business, you should be taking advantage of Facebook’s wide reach. 

Marketing on Facebook can help grow your brand recognition and sustainable customer relationships. If you’re already using this powerful social media site for marketing purposes, are you using it to its fullest extent? This article can help you determine what your business should and shouldn’t be doing on Facebook.

For our top tips for how to market on Facebook, read on for this basic guide. 

1. Do Directly Engage With Customers

The importance of marketing to the success of a business cannot be overlooked. A powerful marketing strategy can boost your sales and also increase your amount of returning customers. As one of our top tips for marketing on Facebook, prioritize direct engagement with existing and potential customers.

It’s one thing to post a beautiful digital ad and see how many likes you get; It’s another to use the platform for building conversation. You should be hosting conversations with both returning customers and people interested in your brand. 

This technique can help improve brand authenticity and customer relations as a whole.

2. Don’t Spam Followers

One of the most bothersome things you can do on Facebook is over-post or spam your followers with content. While you might think this technique will get you more recognition, it’s not always the kind you want. Spamming followers with sales pitches and wordy content is likely to get you unfollowed.

Facebook users want to see content that adds value to their life. Be sure not to go overboard with product advertisements. Remember, you should be working to harbor meaningful discussion about your brand.

Leave the rest for your personal account. 

3. Do Use Ads Manager

For marketers everywhere, Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful tool. Boosting your posts with Ads Manager can target many specific audiences and keep track of post insights.

Across every social media channel, Facebook has the most ads and the highest click-through rate. Ads Manager can allow you to optimize your campaigns for your most viable audience. This can help you raise brand awareness and improve engagement.

4. Don’t Have One Form of Content

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s crucial to get creative with your Facebook marketing content. Featuring different types of posts can keep customers engaged and interested. 

Consider incorporating a mix of copywriting, photography, and videography on your business page. Other content like polls and challenges will keep your audience coming back for more. To have a successful Facebook marketing campaign, your content should never stop evolving. 

Follow These Tips for Better Marketing on Facebook 

Now that you know some of our top tips for marketing on Facebook, what are you waiting for? Start developing your new social media marketing campaign to grow your business today. 

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