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Boost Your Brand and Grow Your Business: How to Build an Effective Facebook Ad Strategy

In 2019, Facebook advertisements increased by 4.9%.

Digital marketers are embracing Facebook to get more visibility. If you’re starting with Facebook, ads can be a great way to get leads. 

You need to build an effective Facebook ad strategy to grow your business. With the right approach, you will boost your brand and get long-term clientele.

Keep reading our guide to know more about how to build effective Facebook advertising. 

Know Your Target Audience 

Who are you targeting with your products? You need to understand your audience to guide you on your Facebook ad strategy. This includes insights on their age, education level, geographical location, family status, and income. 

Get to know more about their needs, motivation, and pain points. The audience segmentation will help create buyer personas, which will guide you in creating ideal profiles. These categories will make it easy for you to reach each segment with the right content. 

You might also want to consider audiences, which is often through remarketing ads. These ads often target audiences that have interacted with you or your products in the past. Use tools such as Facebook Pixel to win leads that have already interacted with your Facebook page. 

Consider Mobile 

As it stands, more people use mobile for Facebook more than they do on a desktop. The number of people using their smartphones to scroll through social media sites keeps rising. By 2025, about 72.6% of internet users will only use their smartphones to access the web. 

Note that ads on mobile phones appear differently from a desktop. After three lines, your followers have to click ‘continue reading’ to get the other part of the ad. It would be best to have a copy with less than three lines as some might not be enthusiastic about clicking to read longer ads. 

Ensure that you preview the ad on mobile to see how it appears. The image size ought to be a perfect fit to avoid awkward cropping. Some of the formats you can consider for mobile ads include Collection Ads and Story Ads. 

Track and Test Your Facebook Ad Campaigns 

A Facebook ad strategy that marketers often forget is testing the campaigns. You need to know how to navigate through this tool before using it to market your brand. With the several variables and metrics that one needs to watch and track, it can get overwhelming. 

You might want to start with a mall test campaign to know how the project is likely to run. Facebook advertising has a reporting platform where you can track your ad’s performance. The reports will help you understand if you’re getting relevant clicks or the ideal return on investment. 

These reports provide you with a host of data to help you understand what’s working and what’s not. You’ll analyze your reach and the amount spends to establish if your returns are reasonable. If you have created a Facebook ad campaign, keep testing and tracking to know its performance. 

Choose an Ideal Ad Objective 

With Facebook advertising, ad objectives matter. The objectives will have significant impacts on your Facebook campaigns. They further shape the ad that you want to start. 

You need to be clear on the ad objectives to guide you in choosing the right objectives. Are you seeking brand awareness, increased conversion, or sales? Your objectives will determine the kind of Facebook ad strategy to embrace. 

Facebook optimizes ads automatically based on your objectives. If you’re seeking to get more leads, users who have submitted forms in the past will most likely see your ad. Chances are that users who often watch videos will get your videos on the feed for views. 

Pick the Right Type of Ad 

With ad targeting, you have endless options that you can consider. The goals of your Facebook ad should determine the kind of advertising to go for. Facebook advertising goals often include awareness, conversions, and consideration. 

Once you have determined your goals, you’ll know the ad and creatives to incorporate it. The recent advancement in Facebook advertising includes carousel ads, which are eye-popping messages that allow brands to showcase their products in a single advert.  

You might also want to incorporate Facebook advertising to help you with getting relevant clicks. As you consider paid social media ads, full-screen stories will also increase your visibility. Ensure that you have clear videos to showcase your products in the best way possible. 

Consider Ad Funnels

Ad funnels are indispensable in Facebook advertising. They play a central role in driving sales. If you want a Facebook ad strategy that converts, incorporate an ad funnel. 

Ad funnels seek to engage users at different points with the sale process. Once they pass one stage, they’ll be getting closer to conversion. You might want to include videos to help with cold audiences you haven’t interacted with before. 

You might need to consider several ad campaigns with different channels to achieve desired ROI and results. Retargeting will also help to engage users until they are willing and ready to buy. The right ad funnel will ultimately help you get high conversion rates. 

Engage Your Audience 

Your Facebook ad should be engaging enough to ensure that you create a community. You can hold discussions and chats through your Facebook page. Your content needs to be intriguing. 

It would help to post content at the right time to maximize engagement. With the right approach to Facebook ad strategy, you can create a community of followers interested in your products. 

An Ideal Facebook Ad Strategy Is a Resource to Your Business 

Facebook ad campaigns are crucial in digital marketing. You might need to consider a Facebook ad strategy to increase brand awareness and boost your overall business. With the right approach, your Facebook advertising will have significant positive impacts. 

If you’re not sure how to advertise on Facebook, consider getting an expert. A professional will know the Facebook ad strategy you need to embrace for your business. 

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