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3 Pro Steps for Starting a Roofing Supply Company

Are you looking to start a roofing supply company?

If so, then you’re probably overwhelmed with everything there is to do. You have to consider the right business models, hire the right employees, and find the best products to use.

It’s understandable if you feel in over your head.

We can help. Below, we’ve compiled the top 3 pro steps for getting your roofing company off the ground. 

Keep on reading to make your new business a success!

1. Know Your Costs

Money is the crux of all businesses.

When most people start a roofing supply company, they only think about the moneymaking portion. They have dreams of delivering their services to clients who are willing to pay a fair price for good quality.

That’s the vision. And it’s a good one. No sane business person would start a company with a plan to fail.

However, at the outset, there’s one key money aspect you need to keep in mind: costs. 

Costs, if not properly handled, can break your company. Yet, they’re necessary. After all, you have to pay your manufacturer for your supplies, and you’ll need a building for your office and payroll for your employees.

Calculating and being honest about what you need to spend will give you fantastic insight into where you stand. It might also show you how to take yourself from where you are now to where you want to be and point out any potential pitfalls.

2. Hire an Accountant

Even if you’re itching to get out and start providing fantastic roofing materials to people, one of your first hires should be an accountant.

You may think now that keeping all of your costs straight for a small business is easy. Once you start getting orders, though, it could become hard to keep up with.

Plus, as a business owner, you will have a lot going on. You’ll need to make sure that your marketing is functioning properly and that you’re actually providing good services for the best price.

An accountant will be able to review your finances, keep track of all of your expenditures and earnings, and pay the bills for you.

A good accountant will also be honest with you about the company’s financial situation. They will let you know when the company spends more than it’s earning and can make sure you stay financially afloat.

3. Hire a Qualified Small Team

You’ve probably heard that when you start a business, you should start small.

This is true, but how small? After all, you’re going to need employees to run effectively.

The key to this is balancing company size with what you need to get done. Think about the different roles your company will need to succeed. Try to narrow it down to as few roles as possible.

In an addition to an accountant, you will probably need a marketer, an office manager, and someone who can handle order supply.

Then, post some job ads looking for qualified professionals and grow your team as needed for your business.

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Starting a roofing supply company can be a lot of work and anxiety.

You might feel as if one wrong step could cause the company to collapse. 

If you do, take a deep breath. There are many small businesses that make it every year, and there’s no reason yours can’t be one of them.

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