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Curb Appeal 101: How to Choose the Best Restaurant Entrance Door for Your Business

The average lifetime of a restaurant is 5 years. 

As a restaurant owner, that’s a pretty tough fact to face. With retirement, savings, and potentially a family on the line, making sure that your business survives could mean everything.

That means you want everything to be perfect. Without proper attention to detail, you may not be able to make it past the average time.

One thing you should consider is the restaurant entrance. People often make their opinions about a restaurant within seconds, so getting this down pat is important. 

Lucky for you, we’re breaking down how to pick the best door for your restaurant in this article. After reading, you’ll know what door to pick.

Think of the Theme

When you’re picking your door, you need to make sure that it fits your theme. An ugly door sticks out, but a door that has nothing to do with your restaurant confuses people.

The last way you want people to feel is confused when they come to your restaurant. You want them to feel at home. 

For example, if you have an Italian restaurant, you might want to consider getting a door that looks like it’s straight out of Italy. You wouldn’t want a medieval style door that makes people feel like they’re going to meet the king!

Consider Price

The reason most restaurants fail is that they don’t have enough money. That might sound broad, but it’s true! No one stops a business because it’s doing well.

So when choosing your door, make sure to consider the price of the door. Spending too much on the door might lower your ability to buy new products, improve your marketing, or build up savings.

The door is important of course, but you don’t want to blow the budget on it!

Hinge Types

Potentially the most important part of your door is the type of hinges you decide to get. It could make or break your door in seconds, so be careful with what you pick.

The easier and more smooth your hinges, the better. A door that’s hard to open will make it hard for your customers to feel welcome in your restaurant.

Consider getting Bommer hinges to really seal the deal with your door. Otherwise, you might get stuck with hinges you have to replace or fix on a regular basis.

That isn’t to say that Bommer hinges are always perfect, but they are more reliable than your average hinge.

Boost Your Restaurant Entrance Today!

Starting a restaurant can be a scary thing to do, but if you work hard and do what you can, you won’t have to worry too much. In fact, you might find success in your career. 

Starting with your restaurant entrance will give you a head above your competition. Remember that you shouldn’t try to do anything that doesn’t fit with your restaurant’s theme. 

Now that you’ve designed your restaurant, it’s time to get your employees motivated! Read this article on tips to improve productivity in the workplace.