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5 Tips for Starting a Business Selling Screen Printed Shirts

Fashion and fads come and go. But one thing that’s stuck around loyally since the 1950s is the classic t-shirt. Because the timeless piece never goes out of style, screen printed shirts are a great business venture.

But there’s one big problem. While 543,000 new business ventures start each month, more than 543,000 failed businesses shut down!

When the odds are unfortunately stacked against you, how can you turn your t-shirt printing venture into a success? Read on for 5 tee-sential tips!

1. Plan the Paperwork

Before starting any new business venture you need to obtain necessary licenses and permits. You may need to register the business, apply for a license, and apply for an employer identification number. You may also need a permit for buying certain chemical supplies.

Rules and regulations vary according to state, so make sure you do your homework.

2. Essential Equipment for Screen Printed Shirts

To get started, you need to buy or rent screen printing equipment. You’ll need these basic pieces of gear to get started:

  • Computer with a graphic design program
  • Heat press
  • Screens
  • Drying rack and dryer
  • Curing unit
  • Industrial sink
  • Squeegees and brushes
  • T-shirts, of course!

In addition, you’ll also need emulsion, spot cleaner, solvents, and other chemicals for t-shirt printing. If you’re confused about which equipment to buy, try Heat Press Hangout. They’ll tell you all you need to know about choosing the perfect t-shirt printing machine.

Whatever equipment you choose, make sure whoever uses the equipment has training. Even if you’re the one running the show, be sure to know how to use the equipment safely.

3. Nail Your Location

From a screen printing machine to a big ole’ pile of t-shirts, a t-shirt business takes up a lot of room. Buy or rent small warehouse space to start printing your tees. Or if you’re working from home, allocate a specific space for t-shirt printing.

Wherever you’re working from, you’ll need a small office space to meet and greet potential customers.

4. Get Marketing

Now you know how to screenprint, you need to show the world what you’ve got. You can do that through successful marketing campaigns. It all starts with cohesive branding throughout your company.

Once your branding is all set, you can market through a variety of platforms. Such as by leaflets, business cards, promo items, tradeshows, and more. And don’t forget to make the most of your online presence through social media, social media influencers, websites, and Youtube

5. Be Ready for Anything

Use a calendar to push your screen printing business in the right direction. How? List every event and holiday coming up in the next year, then get designs ready to sell.

For example, the Fourth of July, Christmas, or Earth day. Or have ready-prepared ideas for sports teams, fund-raisers, church functions, and more.

And while it’s a great start, don’t limit yourself to t-shirts. Try screen printing on caps, bags, and umbrellas. The options really are endless!

T-Shirt Printing Down to a Tee

From planning the paperwork to marketing your designs. If you follow these tips down to a tee, your screen printed shirts will be flying off the shelves!

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