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4 Simple Tips To Keep Flies Away From Your Restaurant

Did you know that there are over 110,000 fly species in the world? When you’re looking around your restaurant after closing, it might seem like all of them are contained within this space!

Not only are these insects annoying, but they’re also unsightly and can contaminate food. As a result, they can cause your patrons to eat somewhere else.

So how can you eliminate these pests so they’re no longer a headache for you, and you keep diners in your establishment? Here are 4 tips on how to get rid of flies in restaurant kitchens!

1. Clean Up Dropped Food and Spills Immediately

The kitchen can get busy, so it’s not unusual to see some food and liquids on the floor. But this is a bad habit!

Make sure your kitchen staff know it’s ok to stop for a few minutes to clean up immediately, or as soon as they can. The longer they leave food and drinks on the floor, the more food sources flies have.

2. Keep the Trash Bins Emptied and Clean

If your kitchen crew is guilty of waiting until the last possible second to empty the trash, they need to stop that. The trash needs to be taken out regularly to prevent foods from rotting and attracting flies.

Not only that, but the trash bins need to be cleaned often. There may be food remnants sticking to the outside of the trash bags, which can then rot on the bins’ interior.

3. Clean and Sanitize the Drains

Flies will lay their eggs in damp places, such as the floor drains. This means it’s important for you to keep them clean!

An easy way to do so is to pour boiling water down the floor drains once a day. An added bonus of this task is it’ll flush away dropped food, so you’ll get rid of food sources.

You should also sanitize the drains with special biodegradable foam and wire brushes.

4. Get Pest Control

Pest control for restaurants can be a godsend. Not only can they eliminate flies (and other pests) effectively, but they can evaluate your restaurant and give you personalized tips and pest prevention plans.

If you invest a little money into pest control, then fruit flies in your restaurant will be a thing of the past. Your establishment will be pristine and impressive to diners!

Know How to Get Rid of Flies in Restaurant Kitchens

Having flies in your restaurant can be annoying and even affect business due to food contamination. But with our tips, you can clear up those pesky pests and live life without worrying about getting a mouthful of those insects or them making your patrons sick.

By keeping your establishment clean and consulting with professionals, you’ll win in the frustrating fight against flies!

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