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The Top Ten Benefits of Backlit Keyboards for Laptops

It’s one of the main ways to customize the look and feel of your laptop. Gone are the days when keyboards are all the same or bog-standard. Now, you have the option of purchasing a state of the art backlit keyboard.

But what are the benefits of backlit keyboards in the first place? Why should you be choosing them over a standard option? We’ve collated these ten benefits so that you know all the many ways in which the backlit option is superior for you.

1. Benefits of Backlit Keyboards: You Can See The Keys Better

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of backlit keyboards, but it still bears mentioning. With backlit keys, you’re able to light up your keys at the touch of a button.

Because of this, they allow your keys to be seen easier in the dark. This is essential for people who aren’t quite able to touch-type, as it means you can see what you’re doing no matter what environment you’re typing in.

Backlit keyboards allow you to use your laptop anytime, anywhere, no matter the lighting installed.

2. They Can Be Turned On and Off

With backlit keyboards, you are essentially getting a backlit keyboard as well as a normal keyboard. This is because all backlights can be turned off at the push of a button.

For example, this is the simple way to turn off keyboard light on your Mac if you don’t want it on at all times. But almost all keyboard light laptops will have this option.

This way, you can control when you want your lights on which can save on battery, and gives you the power over your lights.

3. Different Colors

When it comes to backlit keyboards, many of them will have different colors. Sometimes these can even be customized, depending on how advanced your laptop is.

This can help to improve the overall aesthetics of your laptop itself. You might have a particular favorite color that you want your laptop to emit at all times. Well, now you can!

Or, if you have a particularly demanding child, finding the right color backlights can help them to enjoy their time on their laptop even more.

4. It Looks Undeniably Cool

With all of these colors, a simple fact of backlit keyboards is that they simply look cool.

They invoke ideas of spy thriller movies or secretive hackers. Because of this, it means that you’ll feel much better using your laptop itself. It gives you greater self-confidence when typing and makes you feel more comfortable in your laptop overall.

5. Zone Lighting

Many keyboards with lights will provide the option of programming zone lighting for your keyboard. This allows you to light up specific keys in specific colors.

This can be a great tool when it comes to teaching people how to type with a keyboard. You can light up certain keys to explain where they are on the machine.

It also adds another great aesthetic quality to keyboard lights, that’s fully customizable. Your keyboard can have the colored zones you always wanted.

6. Other Light Programming Options

Zone lighting isn’t the only programmable option offered by certain backlit keyboard laptops, however. Others will allow you to set your lighting on a timer, or as aforementioned change the color of your lights.

This increased programmability allows you total control over the look of your laptop. It makes backlit keyboards a personable touch, as well as a practical option.

7. Better Quality Keys

As backlighting is an advanced option, you can almost guarantee that the keyboard itself is of high quality. This means that you are getting keys that won’t stick and feel smooth when typing.

This is essential for people who do a lot of typing in their day-to-day jobs like writers. It allows you to type faster and more efficiently, and it feels better as you do it. You can also guarantee that your keyboard is less likely to break due to excessive use.

With backlit keyboards, they are built to last.

8. It’s Great For Gamers

Backlit keyboards are a very popular option with gamers and for good reason. It’s a great way to distinguish your work laptop from your gaming laptop. This way, seeing those lit up keys can get you in the mood for gaming.

The aforementioned cool aspect of backlit keys can also help with your overall game performance.

If you feel better and more comfortable with your keyboard, you’re likely going to play better when you game. They’re also more ergonomic overall; this is why almost all the PC keyboards sold at GAME are backlit, as they are simply the best option for gamers.

9. Better For Those With Sensitive Eyes

If you have sensitive eyes, backlit keys can be a solid solution. They allow for the keys to be easily lit, which can make them better to identify for those with sensitive eyesight.

This can be a good way to grow accustomed to a keyboard layout and learn to touch type slowly. This also makes backlit keyboards a better option for elderly people with bad eyesight or who aren’t accustomed to using keyboards.

The backlight allows the keys to be seen clearly in every situation.

10. It’s Still a Keyboard!

The reality of a backlit keyboard, and one of it’s best features, is that it is still a keyboard. This means it’s still the most efficient way to type on a laptop. 

It has all the qualities of a regular keyboard; it’s just even better than the regular option. It’s like purchasing a car and then having it modified; you still have the base, quality car, but it’s just been made that one step better.

And More!

These are just 10 of the main benefits of backlit keyboards, but there are a great many more. The reality is that backlit keyboards are almost always a better choice, thanks to the ability to be turned on and off, different color options, and more.

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