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7 Home Office Lighting Ideas That’ll Lift Your Mood

Do you have a job that allows you to work from home? Are you looking for ways to make your home office a positive and productive environment?

If so, then you should consider how home office lighting can put you in the mental state that allows you to get as much done as possible. There is a variety of options available that make sure there are no distractions in your office.

With our knowledge of work productivity, you can create an environment that makes the best of working from home.

Here are seven home office lighting ideas that’ll fit your mood.

1. Indirect Lamp Lighting

Does your home office currently have overhead lighting that creates too much glare on your laptop or notebook? If so, then we advise finding a way to use indirect lighting instead so that you get the right amount of light and shade.

Look for lamps for tables in your house or at the store down the road and place them in certain parts of your room. You can adjust these lamps to provide a soft light in case you do work in earlier parts of the day.

Lampshades also help reduce the effect of harsh light on your computer’s screen. We also recommend using lamps that scatter this form of light so that you increase visibility in darker areas.

2. Decorative Lighting

We have office lighting ideas that give you the chance to be creative with your office setup. One of them is decorative lighting, which give your work environment a sense of style without sacrificing productivity.

You can arrange sconces throughout your office so that you don’t have too much or not enough lighting in one spot. Sconces come in different forms and sizes, such as candles you would see in castles and simpler shapes that resemble modern start technology.

Another option in this area is collections of lightbulbs that resemble the lights you use on Christmas and other holidays. If you used decorative lighting in your college days, then you can put those lights to use, as well.

3. LED Lighting

Lighting for a home office can lead to eye strain if you’re looking at a computer screen in the dark for long periods. You can create proper lighting by using LED products that are designed to tire your eyes out.

Some LED lights can be installed on the ceiling or higher parts of your desk to limit the amount of glare on your computer. We recommend products that give you better control over lighting settings so that you can add or reduce light when you need to.

Some LED lights let you choose different colors for lighting. Not only does this help you see your work better, but it can create a setting that is uplifting and attentive instead of plain and bleak.

4. Task Lighting

Some of you may have jobs that require attention to detail, whether it’s for a book or digital document. That’s where task lighting comes in, as it gives you the right amount of light for a clear view of what you’re reading.

Your home office light, in this case, can come in the form of a pendant that provides light from the ceiling over the material you’re working on. Task lighting can also come from devices you place under the cabinet to avoid eye strain.

Swingarm lamps also come in handy for this option, especially if you have material to read on different parts of your desk or room. Make sure to use lighting products that you can elevate or lower in case you are reading smaller texts.

5. Natural Lighting

Some of the best lighting for home office purposes doesn’t come from inside. A prime example is sunlight, which can not only make your office warmer but give you the lighting needed to see what you’re typing or reading.

Position your desk near the window of your office so that the sun lets in light for early, middle, and later parts of the day. This can also get you in a better mood by giving you something to look at on your downtime, such as the trees and animals in your yards.

Make sure to keep the natural light in front of or near your desk to get the necessary amount of light and shade. With the right positioning, you can avoid glare and other distractions from your work.

6. Accent Lighting

Another option you have to lift the mood of your home office is accent lighting. Instead of providing lighting in one specific area, this option creates a balance of visibility throughout the room.

Accent lights can come in a mantel form that you can place over your desk so that you can see what’s on your computer without too much lighting. This also helps you see the area around you when you get up from your desk.

You can also use picture lights to create just enough extra brightness in an area that already has a large amount of lighting. The pictures also create an artistic setting and something for you to look at when you give your eyes a break from the computer screen.

7. Neon Lighting

Do you have a better time accomplishing certain tasks in a setting that gives you energy? If so, then you should consider adding neon lighting to your office to create a fun environment.

Your neon lights should be arranged in safe places where they will not fall down on your desk or floor. This will create less of a distraction from your work through cleanups as well as keep your office safe.

Stick with a home office lighting system that comes in colors that give you the right amount of lighting for your screen. It might also help to use lighting with different colors in case other colors do a better job of letting you work in the shade.

Our Take on Home Office Lighting

Home office lighting gives you the opportunity to accomplish tasks from the comfort of your home without the distractions of a traditional office. However, the right system will make this environment just as productive.

Take advantage of all of the technical and natural lightings that can keep your computer screen visible in a way that’s healthy for your eyes. You should also be able to adjust settings based on your needs.

With our tips, you will be able to create a bright office that’s fun to work in.

For more of our work productivity expertise, check out our guides today to create a positive work environment.