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5 Stunning Office Lounge Ideas for a Productive Break Room

Office break rooms are usually a pretty sad scene.

A table here, a few uncomfortable chairs over there, a fridge, sink, and some cabinets; that’s about it, usually. They aren’t exactly the most welcoming place in the world, but you can sit down and read a book or eat in them.

This doesn’t have to be your break room, though. Today, we’re going to look at a few great office lounge ideas to spruce up that drab break room. A good break room will make employees feel at home and instill them with the desire to get back out there and be productive.

1. Complimentary Items

There’s nothing worse than having to pay for your own coffee and snacks when you’re at work. A great break room contains a coffee machine with a coffee supply and small snacks. Your employees will appreciate the fact that you’ve covered their morning snack.

You can get a little creative with your complimentary items, also. A selection of herbal teas and foods representing the different cultures in your office is a nice tweak on this idea.

2. Make It Look Nice

It’s not just about getting comfortable furniture and functional appliances, it’s also about looks. Your employees will feel more comfortable in a well-designed break room. Get your tables and chairs from the same furniture manufacturers and use a color scheme that promotes a certain frame of mind.

When your employees are impressed with the state of the break room, they’re more likely to clean it up every once in a while.

3. Plants and Light

It’s a proven fact that being around plants helps people feel more calm and relaxed, which is always needed in the workplace. Vitamin D is always a welcome addition to any break room if you’ve got a room with windows available.

4. Books and Games

Adding a shelf dedicated to books, magazines, and games will promote interaction between your employees, even while they’re on break. The more they get to know and enjoy each other, the better they’ll work together and the happier your employees will be.

You can host a lunchtime book club or an ongoing board game that you only play during 15-minute breaks. Inject some fun into the daily routine.

5. Appliances That Work

Decent appliances will go a long way as well. A large fridge that stays cool and has enough room for everyone’s lunch will make your employees love you. You can also get a second microwave so that two people can heat up their food at one time and a dishwasher so that no one ever has to do dishes.

Fit as many useful appliances in the break room as you can so that people aren’t spending their lunch hour out of the office. Promote a sense of community during break time. 

Ask Your Employees for Office Lounge Ideas

If you’re still at a loss with what to do with your break room, ask your employees. The best office lounge ideas will come from those that spend the most time lounging in it. 

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