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2019’s Most Innovative Plastic Surgeon Marketing Ideas Your Practice Needs

If you run a plastic surgery practice and are looking to skyrocket your consumer base in 2019, you need to be leaning on these plastic surgeon marketing ideas.

Most plastic surgeon marketing strategies are the same. They list services and offer a free consultation or discount.

While that’s all well and good, it doesn’t make your practice stand out. The problem is that in a congested market, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

A recent study found 80% of internet users are using their smartphones to search for health-related topics. Is your site optimized for local SEO? Can potential patients even find you in the first place?

We’re going to give you five cutting-edge marketing ideas to help your plastic surgery practice become an even bigger success.

1. You Do Have a Blog, Right?

We hope so! The number one way to increase your marketing strategy is to have an online presence.

This includes a blog, where you can establish yourself as an authority in plastic surgery.

Write posts about different procedures you offer. Explain how to decide between a minimally-invasive procedure and a surgical one. Make sure you write a couple posts on the recovery process for these procedures as well.

With advancements in technology and the plastic surgery field, the topics you can write about are endless!

2. Go Beyond the Basics

Breast augmentation is still the leading plastic surgery procedure in the country. But, instead of focusing on implants or reductions, tailor your marketing to reach a new audience.

As you know, breast augmentation isn’t solely for cosmetic purposes. Reconstructive surgery for cancer survivors or women suffering from tuberous breasts should also be your focus.

Approach this marketing strategy with understanding and empathy. In other words, let women know that there’s a solution and you’re the one who should provide it.

3. Let Your Voice Get Heard

If you turn on any local AM talk radio station in the country, the morning show features local physicians and experts. Do you know how these guests got into the studio? In most cases, they asked!

It’s that easy. Contact the morning show producer and ask if they have a need for your expertise. Producers are always looking for content, so even if you don’t fit the show’s outline this week, you could in the future.

Likewise, you can start your own podcast. This will really establish you as an authority. You can post your episodes on your site as well as your social media accounts.

4. Ready for Your Close-Up?

If you like the idea of podcasting, try vlogging on for size.

You can host Facebook Live videos once a week that feature a Q&A session. Allow your audience to ask questions or you can simply offer advice on procedures.

You can also launch a YouTube channel to extend your reach. Invite your peers or even patients on to talk about innovations and procedures within the industry.

5. Engage with Your Audience in Real Life

Don’t forget about connecting with potential patients offline. It may be a little difficult to host a pop-up event but what about renting a booth at a local health fair?

Don’t limit yourself to cosmetic surgical procedures. Remember when we mentioned going beyond the basics of what people think is plastic surgery?

Make sure you focus on the health aspect of your practice. Along with reconstructive surgery, include info on minimally-invasive procedures that help skin conditions.

Change people’s minds about plastic surgery. Let them know it’s not all about looking good; it’s about feeling good, too!

Plastic Surgeon Marketing Made Simple

When it comes to plastic surgeon marketing, think outside of the box.

Use humor or have a conversational voice, instead of using scientific and complicated terms. Show potential patients you relate to their concerns and are the one they should trust to help them.

Make sure your staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable too! Check out our nine tips for ensuring your office staff is providing exceptional customer service.