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What Are the Business Benefits of Paying for SEO Services?

Aren’t you tired of falling behind the competition? You do your best to keep up, but it feels like your marketing just isn’t working.

Make no mistake, where your business lands on the search engine results page (SERP) makes a tremendous difference. Research shows that the top three search results yield almost all the traffic of a query, with the top result generating 33%.

To stay competitive and grow your business, you’ll want to outsource your marketing to SEO services.

Keep reading to find out why partnering with an SEO service is the best business decision you’ll make all year!

Outsourcing Is More Affordable Than Hiring

If you’ve come to this article, there’s a good chance that your gut instinct was to reinforce your existing marketing team with a new hire or two. That’s not always a bad idea.

However, don’t do so because you think it’ll save money. On the contrary, you’ll spend more money bringing on a new team member than you would paying for your first SEO partnership.

According to the Society for Human Resources Management, the cost of the average new hire sits at an estimated $4,129.

Keep in mind that that’s only the cost of a single hire. If you need multiple team members, new hardware or software, etc., your costs go up significantly.

What’s more, you’re looking at recurring costs with new hires with things like salaries and benefits. Comparatively, the best SEO services offer a la carte options, so you’ll only have to spend on what you need.

SEO Services Can Teach You What the Competition Is up To

Wouldn’t it help to know what your competition is up to?

No, you don’t have to go undercover or look into corporate espionage to stay one step ahead of the industry leaders. All you’ll have to do is work with the best SEO company.

Virtually all firms offer their clients SEO audits, which involves an in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as an overview of the industry as a whole.

As part of your audit, you’ll receive information on how you’re performing compared to your competitors. This information alone is worth the cost of admission!

Local Search Matters

Here’s a fun secret: Search engines naturally direct customers to businesses near their current location.

While it might seem like you’re facing global competition, your biggest struggle is standing out from your local competitors.

Make no mistake, local SEO functions a bit differently than national or global SEO, as it’s hyper-focused on location-based keywords and geotargeting customers in your region. You’ll need to partner with a team that knows your area, or at least how to generate results within it.

The HOTH, for example, is one of the best SEO services Los Angeles has to offer. They promise the delivery of industry-specific results generated from the customers in your area.

That’s the kind of hyper-specific marketing you’ll need to focus on to grow your business, and it’s the kind of marketing a local SEO company can assist with.

Search Rankings Are Synonymous With Trust

We live in an age where consumers are increasingly suspicious of advertisements. Today’s customers are smarter and savvier than those of previous generations, and they’re a lot more likely to conduct research before coming to a purchasing decision.

As you might expect, search engines now function as the primary method for consumer research. Customers turn to reviews on Google or browse a company’s website to learn about its ethics before making a final choice.

If your business can maintain a spot on the front page of Google, you’ll have a greater opportunity to win those customers over by building consumer trust.

This often works in conjunction with content marketing tactics such as blogging or social media management, as well.

In essence, a great SEO strategy shows that your company knows the industry and more importantly, knows the consumer and their concerns. A smart marketer can help you build a library of content that ensures you climb the search results while simultaneously establishing trust.

The Ways Customers Search Constantly Evolves

Take a moment to reflect on just how much technology has changed within the last decade or so. The smartphones in our pockets are now more powerful than desktops from the early 2000s.

And with the evolution of technology, so too comes the evolution of search.

Voice search functionality is a great example. A few years ago, adoption was relatively low. Now, industry experts believe that voice search will account for more search queries than a mobile search box or app.

Likewise, mobile browsing means businesses have to remain conscious about how their website looks and performs on a variety of devices.

Paying for SEO services allows you to keep up with the latest trends before they even hit, so your company will remain relevant as search continues to change.

Peace of Mind

We’ve already outlined some of the most crucial reasons why it’s smart marketing to partner with an SEO agency, but we’ve neglected to mention the most obvious one: Your productivity.

72% of small business owners feel overworked and overwhelmed. When asked to elaborate why, the majority of respondents linked their increased stress levels to a lack of time.

Simply put, there’s always going to be more tasks on your plate than you have time for.

Teaming up with SEO services means you won’t have to worry about the latest Google penalties or spend hours each week reading marketing blogs to learn about the upcoming algorithm changes. Instead, you can take a breather and let your marketing partners worry about that.

All you have to do is focus on running your business as effectively as possible.

Why Partnering With SEO Firms Is Best For Business

These are just a few of the great reasons to hire SEO services. Leaving your marketing in the hands of experts frees up your time, saves you money, and ensures that your business is always putting its best foot forward.

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