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Spread the Word: 5 Tips for Using Shirts with Logos for Business Growth

Since 2018, the industry of promotional products increased by 3.5%. Investing in shirts with logos for business will make your customers swoon beyond your wildest dreams.

Promotional products help your brand become part of consumers’ lives. Around 47% of people who receive a promotional product keep that gift for at least 12 months.

Get your logo on a shirt because branded shirts improve brand recognition. You owe it to your business to advertise effectively by connecting with consumers.

Here are 5 tips for using shirts with your logo on them to grow your business.

1. Think Locally

If you run a local business, give out shirts for your business at community events. Even consumers who’ve never done business with you will think more positively about your brand.

In order to make a lasting impression upon your community, your shirts must be high quality and attractive. Find out more here about the best kinds of shirts to use for promotional purposes. The shirts at the aforementioned link come in different colors and their sizing goes up to 6XL.

2. Contests and Giveaways

A custom logo T-shirt is a good prize for a contest or giveaway. Branded shirts provide value to consumers while also advertising your business.

T-shirt giveaways are also a great way to grow your business’s social media presence. When you make your announcement post, tell users to like, comment, and share your post to be considered in the giveaway.

The bigger your social media contest is, the more shirts you’ll need. The cost is worth it because people will appreciate your business more. Plus, the word about your business will spread like fire on social media.

3. Promote Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers deserve to be rewarded for their continued business. Shirts with your business logo on them are perfect gifts for loyal customers.

Incorporate branded shirts into your customer loyalty program. For example, once someone spends X amount of dollars on your business, they’ll receive a free shirt.

4. Review Reward

Reviews benefit your business because they provide helpful feedback. Encourage customers to leave genuine reviews with shirts that feature your logo. Once a customer leaves a review, give them a shirt.

Make sure your branded shirts have attitude and style. Including a funny saying on your shirts will entice more people to write reviews.

5. Employee Recognition

Employees wearing polo shirts with company logos make businesses look more professional. Ask your employees to wear these shirts while interacting with customers.

You could also give out shirts with your logo on them to employees as rewards for reaching certain sales goals. If the employee wears your shirt outside of work, your logo will get even more impressions.  

Use Shirts with Logos for Business to Your Advantage

As an industry, promotional products exceed $18 billion. The ROI you get on promotional products extends far beyond the ROI of other advertising methods.

Featuring your brand colors on a shirt will increase brand recognition. Strong brand colors and a cool logo are a memorable combination.

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