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Marketing Strategies for Small Business: How to Market on a Low Budget

The average business spends around 10 percent of its annual budget on marketing. For a small business owner, that amount can seem like too much. Depending on your sales, it also may not seem like enough.

The digital marketing revolution means there are many marketing strategies for small businesses. Better yet, they won’t break the bank. You can run a successful campaign without spending a lot, as these ideas show.

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Marketing your business today is as simple as signing up for a Twitter account or making a Facebook page. Being active on social media is a great way to reach your customers.

Best of all, organic posts are free. While you may not have the same reach as with paid social media, you can spread the word without spending a dime.

To get the most out of social media, you’ll want to craft a careful strategy. Use the right tags to push your content to your prospective customers. Curate content for your feed by following the right people.

This approach is complimented by paid posts, which will reach a larger audience. Share exciting news, behind-the-scenes pictures, and more to build interest in your business.

SEO is the Name of the Game

Another low-cost option for how to market a business is to play the SEO game. Search engine optimization can be tricky to do without expert help. It is possible to get your page ranking higher on Google without spending a lot.

A great opportunity for small business owners is local SEO. Local search has grown by leaps and bounds. People near you are likely looking for your business.

Taking small steps can boost your local SEO. Claim your Google My Business account for free to get an instant push. Rewriting your website copy to include local information helps too.

If you need to take things to the next level, you can always hire a local SEO expert to tweak your strategy.

Team up with Another Business

Cross-promotion is another easy way to market your business. Try to find another business with a product or service that complements yours. Then work together to spread the message.

In the age of social media and blogs, many business owners are looking for content. Cross-promotion can help your business and your partners meet that need. Help each other out by sharing pictures, creating a video, or running a contest.

Don’t forget you can also team up with social media influencers. Non-profit organizations like charities are great options too.

Ask for Referrals and Reviews

You’ve teamed up with a local business, charity, or influencer to spread the word about your business. Do you know who else is eager to help you get the message out?

Customers are an often-overlooked partnership. One of the most effective ways to market your business is to ask customers for referrals or reviews.

If a customer loves your brand, chances are they’re telling their friends and family about it. All you need to do is ask them to share their thoughts.

Create a space on your website where customers can review products. Reward them for sending a referral message to a friend via social media.

Start a Blog

You’ve probably heard all about why every business needs to have a blog. Maybe you didn’t buy into the hype, or you just don’t have time to craft great content on a regular basis.

Blogging has become a staple of small business marketing for a reason. It’s one of the best ways of getting more traffic to your website.

A blog can improve your SEO rankings, especially for certain keywords. It also gives other bloggers something to link to.

Best of all, fresh content keeps people coming back to the site. It doesn’t hurt that Google likes it too.

If you can manage to blog yourself, this can be one of the best solutions to a shoestring marketing budget. If you’re not sure your writing is up to the task, you can ask a digital marketing agency about content solutions.

Host a Webinar or Instructional Video

Video is more popular than ever, and it’s also more affordable than ever. You may not have thought you have the skills to create video content, but all you need is a camera, a microphone, and expert knowledge about your industry.

It’s easy to create a how-to video or to host a free webinar on your website. Since you likely own everything you need to make one, all it takes is the time to sit down and record the video.

The video can provide valuable information to customers and potential leads alike.

Build Relationships

Good business marketing should focus less on making the sale and more on building relationships with your customers. Don’t forget about your existing customers in your rush to find more fans.

Check in with existing customers. You can ask them to sign up for a newsletter, or send them a token of your appreciation. Who doesn’t love a customized sale or coupon?

Sharing great content is also important for building relationships. Share your own blog posts, but also share articles you think might help your audience.

Locally, you can get involved with a good cause to help your community or donate prizes for a contest. You don’t need to spend big to create a bigger presence in your local neighborhood.

A World of Marketing Opportunity

As you can see, marketing strategies for small business don’t need to cost top dollar. In fact, some of the very best marketing tools are free.

If you’ve been wondering how to stretch your budget and make your marketing dollars go farther, consider adopting some of these ideas.

If you’re seeking more great marketing advice, you’re in the right place. There’s no shortage of great articles to help craft a strategy for your small business. So go on and explore the wide world of marketing opportunities!