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Brochure Creator: Why Your Business Should Use Video Brochures

Direct mail gets a higher response rate than digital alternatives. But with that in mind, how can you gain an edge over your competition?

Using an expert brochure creator, combine video with the power of direct mail in a way that boosts response rates and brings in qualified new business. Read on for reasons why video marketing can help your business grow.

Deciding on a Brochure Creator

Before you get started, you’ll need to pick a direct mail company that can help with your video brochure needs. Video brochures aren’t as common as postcards or flyers. This means you’ll need to connect with a company that specializes in this area of direct mail marketing.

Look for a company with good reviews and quality products. As you narrow down your search, don’t be afraid to hop on a call with a video brochure representative to guide you through the confusion of your first video brochure creation.

It’s also great to check-in with your top prospective companies to better understand the full extent of their services. Many video brochure companies only produce brochures. If you need mailing lists or distribution you might need to find an additional agency to work in tandem with your brochure producers.

Stand Out from Competitors

Chances are, your competitors are probably still using traditional direct marketing mailers. If you both land in the same consumer’s mailbox which one will he remember? If you have a video playing as he opens your direct mail, you’ll likely be remembered over another letter or postcard.

Marketing is often a game of standing out from competitors. With video brochures, you can give your company a leg-up in the world of direct mail marketing.

You Can Make Video Brochures Work for Any Business

Video brochures allow businesses of all types and sizes to make a great (and memorable) first impression. The adaptability of video brochures means there are not templates or rules boxing you in.

From lawyers to major corporations, using a video brochure can be customized to your business’s needs. Besides customization options, there are a variety of variations in video brochures to pick from. 

Large corporations may be more interested in luxury video brochures, whereas a lawyer may be more interested in a soft card video brochure or a video business card. Talking with a company representative will help you select and design the most suitable brochure variation for your campaign needs.

Video Brochures Have Many Customization Options

Customization for video brochures can be overwhelming when you first begin planning. Common considerations include:

  • Orientation options
  • Brochure size
  • Screen size and resolution
  • Cover options
  • Button and control options or design

Request samples if you want more insight into the types of special treatment video brochure a company can produce. Most printing companies will be glad to supply you with a proof or a sample packet. This will ensure their materials meet the specifications you’ll need for your direct mail campaign. 

Evok Strong Emotions in Prospects

Customers like being interacted with in new and exciting ways. We all know the feeling of flicking boring, spammy direct mail offers into the trash. But when you send out a video brochure you’re offering intriguing new content to be consumed. 

You’re also more likely to spark an emotional response through video than a simple letter. Just think about all those moving non-profit commercials on TV. If you’re trying to get an emotional response out of your prospects, video brochures will help you go the extra mile.

Gives New Ways to Market to Your Target Audience

If you’re looking for new ways to connect with potential customers, video brochures could be the solution you didn’t know you were looking for. You can get a bit creative when it comes to video brochure uses. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Demos and how-to’s related to your product or service
  • Information launch videos on new products or services
  • Behind the scenes videos and company insights
  • Testimonials from customers or influencers
  • Introduction to fundraisers
  • Announcements of partnerships or non-profit involvement

Consider your business offers and how you’d like to expand communication with your clients. There’s likely a hidden marketing opportunity in plain sight.

Video is Shown to Build Trust

Video is an excellent way to get in front of your prospective customer and build trust. In fact, 57% of consumers stated video boosted their trust to purchase a product. As video becomes more popular in marketing, we notice a preference for it over reading or listening alone. 

You can use testimonials or informational videos to build consumers’ confidence in your product or service. Plus, video brochures can be watched again and again. This means a consumer can return to listen to the video during the consideration phase, unlike TV or radio.

Video Brochures Can Help Salespeople Make the Sale

If you send out salespeople on sales calls you’re likely to put together a bundle of information for them to leave behind. This keeps your business in their minds as they converse with other prospects in their consideration phase. You want to leave the best lasting impression with the prospect to get them to pick you over all other options. 

With video brochures, you can bolster your salespeople’s confidence with a professional display. This will not only help to impress prospects, but it also offers a way for them to review the information once your salesperson has left the meeting. The prospect can watch the video loaded into the brochure and be reminded why your business is the best option for their needs.

Marketing Your Business with Video Brochures

The first key to video brochure success is to select a brochure creator you can trust to produce quality direct marketing materials. You don’t want to catch a prospect’s eye in a negative way. Invest in top-quality materials and get top-quality results.

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