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An Image Says a Thousand Words: Expert Tips on How to Use Marketing Images

Images invoke emotions, which are key in capturing your message or selling your product. Out of a group of 200 content marketers, 68% said that images were essential or very important to their marketing strategy.

We know that photos are important, but what is the most effective way to utilize images in your marketing? How do you choose images that will increase conversions?

Keep reading to get started on learning how you can make your advertising campaign successful with marketing images.

Why Use Images?

People absorb information in different ways; some gravitate towards text, while others need visuals to make things stick. To make sure you’re reaching the largest audience possible, it’s important to include marketing images in advertisements.

According to Dr. John Medina, 3 days after you hear something you’ll remember 10% of it, but if that information is paired with an image then the retained information jumps up to 65%! With statistics like that and the ability to use software with free stock image, it’s a no brainer.

Marketing Images Tips

Now that we know why we need images for marketing, let’s take a look at how to use them to your benefit. We can’t just slap any marketing pics on a post and call it good, it’s essential to choose the right photos.

Quality is Key

No one likes a pixilated, grainy image. Stock photos can still be high quality, and you shouldn’t compromise on that.

Powerful Pictures

When choosing images for marketing, imagine that your reader will only have the photo and no text. We want customers to be able to understand the concept that we’re trying to get across from the images included.

Switch it Up

Photos are great, but remember to switch it up. Videos and infographics are incredibly useful in advertising as well.

Keep it Relatable

If your target audience is 30-something moms, make sure that the images reflect that. Showing your customers pictures of teenagers or people their parents’ age won’t have the same effect.

If we’re able to relate to an image we will be more likely to think of that brand as something obtainable for ourselves.

Edit it

Don’t be afraid to edit a stock photo. Adding some text or changing up the colors can have a dramatic effect.

Attention Catchers

Consider using photos with vivid colors that will help draw the eye to where you want to lead it. Think about whether your advertisement will be more effective with a brightly colored image or a more subdued tone and find an image to match.

Make an Impact With Images

Marketing images are vital to a campaigns’ success and they’re here to stay. With about 80% of readers only skimming the text, images become even more important to ensure you make an impact while you have them on your page.

Put these tips and tricks to use today and watch your marketing efforts make a positive impact on your company.