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7 Surprising and Fun Local Advertising Techniques Worth Considering

Advertising has, for a long time, been one of the best ways to reach the market and grow your business. For instance, online advertising has come with a lot of information that businesses can use to capture the market. But as far as it looks promising, small businesses do not have the best share.

One of the most intimidating things about advertising is the costs. Many small businesses can’t seem to fit the bill and would rather leave it to the bigwigs. 

But with local advertising, a limited budget doesn’t have to bring you down. One reason you’re not going to spend more to put up a local advert is that it covers a limited area and has a clearly defined audience.

Here are seven surprising and fun marketing ideas that you can scale to your business needs without throwing in millions of dollars.

1. Hosting Events

Event hosting is one of the best advertising methods that work well for any type of business. Hosting events within your community area is one of the ways to have your target audience think highly of you. It is a way of inviting people within your market area to explore your brand in a fun way.

You can invite some specialists to talk about your brand and the benefits of the products you sell. You can also have your sales team do a public demo with your products and not only attract the market but also build your brand’s reputation.

2. Put up Outdoor Signage

While this form of advertising looks outdated in this era, it is still the best form of local advertising that your business can try. Signage is a preferred form of advertising for small businesses as it can be used for both branding and marketing.

When putting out outdoor signage, don’t overlook the importance of location. Put it in strategic places where it can draw attention to the people passing nearby. On-premise business signage tells your clients where you’re located. It’s an effective form of advertising when introducing a new brand.

Signage works just like your website to tell the people where you are and what you offer. Make sure the signage is made in a good style and size to attract the attention of your target customers. Learn more here on how to make signage and other forms of advertising more effective for your specific brand.

3. Using Vehicle Advertising

This is another one of the most effective advertising types that work for any type of business. Unlike other types such as frames and billboards, vehicle wraps are not static. The advert goes with a specific vehicle anywhere it moves, and it can cover a large market area within a short time.

The advertising takes the form of printing or placing a vinyl wrap on the body of the vehicle. Thanks to its affordability and effectiveness, vehicle advertising has become so popular. The advertising type is used for brand awareness as well as target-specific campaigns.

4. Supporting a Cause

Offering your support to the community is a fun way of showing your market that you care about them. You can easily get them to engage with your brand this way. To do this, you have to carry out market research and find out the issues affecting the community within your market area.

For instance, when there is an increase in gender violence within your market area, you can use a campaign to show the people you’re with them in the fight. If this pulls out successfully, your business will manage to draw attention to the social issue as well as have a positive impact in the eyes of the people affected.

5. Local Advertising E-Frame Signs

A-frame signs can fit either within your store or on sidewalks. They have to be in a place where they can attract the attention of the target market. Advertising signs are affordable and effective in attracting your target audience. These signs, which are also called sandwich boards, are perfect ways stores invite their customers in.

The signs are made with attractive features, including unique colors and images that help attract the attention of the people. A-frame signs are mostly used in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. and place in areas with heavy foot traffic. They announce offers of the day, special meals, or a discount with a large display that any person can view.

6. Attending Trade Shows

If you don’t have the capital to host an event yourself, you can attend events instead. Trade shows are perfect events to showcase your business, and get customers you need. You don’t have to go for those big and expensive events if your budget is limited.

Some industries or business associations host smaller events that are budget-friendly. The shows provide you with the chance to meet your target market and advertise your services. Take the opportunity to interact with as many people as possible and introduce your business out there.

7. Adopt Personalized Messages

Remember the “Share a Coke” campaign? This is a perfect example of personalized local advertising meant to make the consumers feel special. Personalization can take the form of names familiar to your customers, specific colors, cities, or images.

This type of local marketing is not expensive. This is because you can make it specifically to suit your business and customer needs. All you have to do is identify something that will trigger your customers’ interest and get them to like your brand.

Take Action Today

Now you have some of the most effective and budget-friendly forms of local advertising that can help your business reach its target audience. The ball is on your court. You can choose to work with local advertising agencies in your area to help you decide which one of the above will suit your business.

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