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5 Ways Promotional Items Can Be Powerful Marketing Tools

Are you on the fence about whether or not your business should invest in promotional items? Click here to learn how they can be very powerful marketing tools.

If you’re a small business trying to get ahead, guess what? You’re up against over 28 million other registered small businesses in the United States and countless more abroad.

Therein lies the importance of putting together a solid marketing strategy. Marketing is the collection of tools that are going to allow you to rise above all of the clutter present in today’s marketplace and consistently engage customers.

But where should your company start with its marketing efforts? Should you pour all of your resources into the lauded digital marketing arena?


We think you should take the marketing road less traveled and invest in promotional items you can distribute at trade shows, events, and around your community.

Here are some reasons why.

1. They’re Low Cost

People think that going digital with their marketing represents the best way to market on the cheap. The truth is though, whether you’re investing in promotional umbrellas, key chains, or any number of other things, promotional items are dirt cheap.

Many companies will give you extraordinary discounts when you buy in bulk and even if your order isn’t massive, you can still score excellent discounts by shopping with the right manufacturer.

2. Promotional Items Work Tirelessly

When people see one of your ads online, they’ll more than likely gloss over it and forget about it. When you hand them your promotional item though, there’s a good chance they’ll set it down in their home or at their office desk.

When they do that, you’ll get a virtually unlimited amount of free brand impressions!

3. More Unique Than a Business Card

People often ask why they need to invest in promo items when they could just hand out business cards. We usually say because business cards aren’t useful.

Let’s face it, business cards will get thrown away into a drawer full of cards that never get looked at.

A fridge magnet or a pen though… those types of promo tools are going to get used on a daily basis and consequently, are going to connect your brand with people regularly.

4. Diversified Marketing Portfolios

A sandwich tastes good because of the synergy of its components. Just because ham is your favorite part of a sandwich does not mean that just eating a pile of ham would trump the experience a diversified sandwich could bring you.

The same holds true for marketing. Whether you love the idea of giving out promo items or just like it, there’s no denying that it’s an important aspect of a diversified marketing portfolio.

The better your portfolio is, the better chance your brand will have at succeeding!

5. People Love Free Stuff

When you can provide somebody value for nothing, they’ll love you.

That love could translate into sampling your business’ offerings which could give way to you getting a life-long customer!

Why Promotional Items are Powerful Marketing Tools

Promotional items are an integral piece of your marketing strategy’s puzzle. So, if you haven’t already, start investing in promo items that your audience would appreciate owning today!

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