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5 Unique Veterinary Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Practice

Looking to bring more animals into your veterinary clinic? Check out these unique veterinary marketing ideas that will help boost your practice and bring in more business.

It’s no secret that people love their pets. In 2017, 68% of all American households had a pet.

As you can probably guess, dogs and cats were pretty close in numbers. But can you guess what the most popular pet is? Freshwater fish. Apparently, it’s not all about the furry companions.

But how many of those pet owners actually make the time to take their pet to the vet? Probably not many.

Looking to bring more animals into your veterinary clinic? Check out these unique veterinary marketing ideas that will help boost your practice and bring in more business.

1. Be Social on Social Media

Social media is a great way to generate new business. Set up accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and start gaining followers.

Use animal related hashtags, such as #dogmom or #catlover to find those who love pets. Create posts and content that will provide fun and useful information.

Other ideas to make use of social media include:

  • Social media contests
  • Highlighting national pet observances throughout the year
  • Sharing pictures and videos of your patients — with permission from owners, of course
  • Offering discounts only available through social media

2. Reward Referrals

Neighbors talk. People at dog parks chit-chat. Family members ask each other for advice. Take advantage of these information exchanges by offering a referral program.

Your clients have large networks of friends, family, and coworkers that could be potential clients. Let your current clients know that you will give them certain discounts and benefits if they bring in new customers.

People like to save money. So if they know they will get $50 off their next visit if they refer a friend, they are going to do what they can to build your business.

3. Choose to be Charitable

Everyone loves a business that supports a cause. Find a local charity that works with animals and choose to support them.

Maybe there is a local pet rescue group who you could partner with. You could offer your clinic as a shelter, or have your clinic be a drop-off location for supplies.

Find ways to help the community. Offer free pet grooming days once or twice a year. Or offer free vaccinations every once in a while. These events will attract pet owners who could become potential long-term clients.

We’re not suggesting you start working for free, but showing that you are willing to be charitable goes a long way when working in a community.

4. Long-term Packages Mean Long-term Clients

Create a bundled package to offer clients. This will ensure they will keep coming back.

For example, offer discounted prices on several health services over a 6 month period. This will motivate your client to come back more often since they have already paid for the service. I mean, we all love a good deal.

A bundle could include yearly shots, a weekend stay in the kennel, and a basic dog groom.

5. Golden Reviews

Business reviews are more important than ever now that everything is posted online.

To make sure you have the best reviews possible, ask your happy customers to give a positive review online. When locals are searching for a new clinic, for example, Veterinarian Laguna Niguel, they rely heavily on positive reviews.

Try to get your client’s positive words in writing and use them to attract new business.

Try These Veterinarian Marketing Ideas

Everyone needs new and fresh ways to grow their business. These 5 simple veterinarian marketing ideas will allow you to gain new clients and become a prominent business in your community.

So let’s get going! There are 68 million households depending on you. And if you need other business ideas, don’t hesitate to check us out!