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5 Unique Promo Video Ideas That’ll Create a Buzz

Video content is the most engaging type of content on the web today. People love watching videos, both on a smartphone and a computer, which is why you need to capitalize on that when marketing your brand or business online.

With that in mind, it’s fair to say that coming up with creative promo video ideas isn’t easy. The good news? We can help!

In this article, we’ll give you 5 promo video formats that you can use to create awesome content for your brand or business. That way, you can start growing your brand online today.

Now then, let’s get started!

1. A Product Demo

If you’ve got a new product that you’re trying to get off your shelves, one of the best ways to do just that is to create a video product demo. This not only gives you a chance to talk about that product but also allows you to show your audience how it works.

This can be helpful if you’re selling items online to customers who can’t see or hold something before deciding whether or not to buy it.

The best part? You can do this 100% yourself without much work. All you need is the camera on your phone and a basic video editing software. 

2. A Whiteboard Video

When it comes to using video for promotional purposes, few techniques work as well as whiteboard videos. They’re affordable and creative, and people absolutely love watching them, which is key.

Once again, you can do this in-house if you have someone on your team who is a bit artsy. Just make sure you take your time laying out your idea beforehand so you don’t have to think too much during the creation process.

3. A How-To Video

People are constantly searching the web to learn how to do new things. If you want to teach your audience something new that is related to your niche, a how-to video is the best way to go about doing so.

For example, if you own an HVAC company, you can make a how-to video about changing HVAC filters. That way, you can establish credibility with your audience while promoting your brand simultaneously.

4. A Q&A Session

Regardless of what it is your brand or business does, odds are you get a lot of the same questions from customers and clients. Take a few seconds to write some of those questions down, and then make a video answering them all at once.

A pro tip? Create a FAQ page on your website so you can easily share your Q&A video with your audience. That should help you get more views, as well as improve the overall design and layout of your website.

5. A Company Spotlight Piece

Believe it or not, people want to know more about you and your brand. More specifically, they want to connect to it on a more personal, human level.

A spotlight piece highlighting something interesting or unique about your company can give your brand a voice and some personality. You can even make multiple videos about each member of your team if you want to create more content using this format, should you find success with it. 

Promo Video Ideas That Actually Work

Well, there you have it! Those are 5 promo video ideas you can use to take your brand or business to the next level.

Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to get positive results with video marketing. As long as you make engaging and informative content, people will watch, like, and share your videos.

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