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5 Tips to Perform Smarter Audience Analytics

Is your website intuitive enough?

In the world of website views, the use of Google Analytics on your website can separate your site from the pack. Learn to stand out in the digital space.

Learn what makes you, more marketable and reliable with your audience. 

Discover how you can use audience analytics to make the best website possible. 

5 Ways To Use Audience Analytics More Effectively

It’s important to learn how your audience acts and interacts with you. The more you know about your audience the easier it will be to provide content and services for them. 

Remember the more information you have to use the better! 

1. Learning to Use the Overview Tab of Google Analytics

In the overview tab, you can gain valuable information on your website traffic. 

The overview tab will show you audience analytics from your website, as well as how long they were on the site.

It also gives insight on what your audience’s average number of pages viewed and the time of viewing was. 

Low view numbers on your site show that your content isn’t connecting with your audience. This content may need some reworking to fit your audience. 

2. Learn Where Your Audience Goes

Google analytics offers you the opportunity to set up a popular path query.

Access audience analytics by signing into your google analytics account. After signing in it’s as easy as using the reporting tab.

From the reporting tab, you can click on the behavior flow tab and define what part of the audience behavior you are looking at (length of website view, bounce page, etc….).

Google Analytics will put the information in a flow graph. Learn how your audience sees your content. This will help you can see if there are any parts of your website that aren’t working.

The longer someone is on your website the better for you! 

3. Learn Your Audience’s Interests

Your Google Analytics page has an audience interest tab. This interest tab can help you tailor content to a certain group.

With the help of your analytics, you can see audience interests in every part of the purchasing stage.

The interest tab allows you to see the number of people on your website that are beginning to look at your content. It also shows who is brand new to your content and what their interests are too. 

The more you know about your audience the better.

Your content could be incredible. But, if the content doesn’t match with your audience, then they are more likely to leave.

Find out more about your audience analytics to make your site the best it can be!   

4. What’s Popular? 

Like, share and comment! 

The words of every youtube and Instagram influencer carries merit.

Google Analytics allows you to see the top-performing pages. These pages will have more likes, comments, and shares attached to them. 

Use this content!

You know this content works after looking at audience analytics. You can continue to use this content and republish it as long as it remains relevant!      

5. To Analytics and Beyond!

Google Analytics is great. But, like anything else you may need to go beyond Google. 

The creation of a survey or customer interview allows your audience to have more say. This is a type of audience analytic that shows your audience you are listening.

Create a survey or interview. This will give you more insight into the feelings and thoughts of your audience.

People will like your site more and want to come back if they feel they are a part of it.  

Constantly Improving

A website that improves will always do better than one that doesn’t listen to its’ audience. 

By using the tools above you can get a full rundown of your audience analytics. These analytics will help you make the best content possible.

You now know what your audience wants, and can give them exactly that!