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5 Print Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Print marketing is a great and affordable way to promote your small business. Click here to discover five print marketing ideas for small businesses.

Experts forecast that digital marketing expenses will reach nearly $119 million by 2021.

That’s already a lot of money. But what’s even more surprising is that marketers will only spend this on digital marketing alone.

If you’re like most small businesses, you might be wondering whether to focus on online marketing. This is a legit concern, considering that consumers seem to spend more time on the Web than looking at print.

Contrary to what many believe, print isn’t dead. It’s the thinking that print marketing ideas are gone that can put businesses at risk.

Even the American Marketing Association says that print is still as important and useful as it was before. Just look at the impressive and captivating Burger King print ad that literally and figuratively lit the print fire once more.

Point being, print is critical to any marketing campaign, especially when you can enhance these five ideas:

1. Make the News about Your Brand Fly

Flyers remain some of the most effective types of print ad today. It’s because they can quickly engage consumer attention, right there and then.

One of the print marketing ideas you should use for flyers is to be bold like BK. Why?

Because how the ad looks can make the difference between the recipient wanting to read everything in it and throwing the paper in the bin once you’re not looking.

The good news is, you’ll find flyer templates that don’t just capture attention. They also make creating your ad faster and simpler, letting you customize it based on your brand’s marketing concept.

2. Brochures to Brag about Your Products/Services

You know how they say “Content is king” when it comes to search engine optimization? The same thing applies to brochures.

Your print brochures have the power to prompt readers to want to know more about your products or services. But you need to carefully lay out everything on each page. This includes putting in as much easy-to-understand details about your offers as possible.

Highlights, product specifications, and value-added benefits will make it easier for potential customers to see why they should choose you over the competition.

3. Build Connections with Business Cards

They may be small, but there’s immense power behind their size. After all, they feature not just your own name, but that of your brand too. Handing these out is a critical step to building connections with potential customers and even investors.

They’re some of the least expensive print marketing tools too, so it’s a good idea to invest in quality design and materials. Use glossy or laminated to leave a long-lasting impression on the recipients.

4. Positioning with Posters

Posters are larger than your brochures and flyers, so take advantage of all that space to come up with killer content.

A combination of useful, concise info about your business and high-resolution graphics can put your brand in a better position on the market.

5. Branding with Beautiful (and Useful) Promotional Merchandise

Print marketing ideas don’t have to fall under traditional print media to bring results.

You can print your brand name and logo on useful stuff, such as mugs, clothes, pens, USB, and so on. Then, give them away as promotional gifts. This can help boost your brand awareness and recall strategies.

Killer Print Marketing Ideas Don’t Have to Break the Bank

These are just some of the best print ad ideas that still work today and can complete any marketing campaign. As long as you put in the time and effort for creating useful content, they will help you reach your marketing goals.

Need more help with marketing your small business? There’s more of this where it came from! Check out our blog for other marketing strategies!