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4 Tips to Building Marketing Strategies for Businesses Online

Are you building a business? There’s never been a better time, despite the pandemic. As businesses move online this is the place to prove your worth and take the world by storm.

But it’s one thing to build a great business with an amazing idea but how do you market it? Without great marketing, your idea can fall on deaf ears. Or you can find yourself with a great product and your target audience has not found out about it.

Here’s everything you need to know about building marketing strategies that work.

1. Hire Great People

You’re never going to get to the top of your game by yourself. You’re going to get there by hiring great people who understand your vision and can realize it.

Hire great marketers who are experts in their fields. Don’t be afraid to find people to do one-off jobs for you or to hunt out the specialists.

Remember that the internet has opened the door to the entire world. If you need a great website designed you no longer need to rely on people you know or people in your local area. You can take your pick from some of the best designers.

Be sure to search sites like Upwork and Fiver but don’t limit yourself to here. Instead also do Google searches and ask your friends from all over the world for some recommendations.

Remember to pay your staff well. You cannot convince anyone to do good work if they feel they are being underpaid.

2.  Get on the SEO Game

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is everything in the modern world. This is what gets you ranking highly on Google.

If you don’t rank on the first page of Google then your business is unlikely to get noticed.

If you have a business then you need to own your business name on Google so that whenever any Google’s you, it’s your name that comes up.

Be sure to put out regular blog posts that rank well in terms of SEO keywords.  If you don’t know how to do this or you don’t understand the benefits of SEO, hire an SEO specialist.

There are many writers out there who are great and will write you some great copy but what you’re looking for at the moment is a copywriter who can write in such a way that makes your copy fly on Google. This means writing in a specific way with clear headers and sub-headings and keeping your ideas simple and to a manageable size. You must also have a mobile-friendly website.

When you’ve figured out your SEO game you can start using lead magnets to generate leads for your business as well. 

3. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is important to the spread of business. This involves not only following your instinct in terms of reaching out to your core audience but also getting other people involved you might not have considered.

Get your product or service out there to as many people as you possibly can. Remember that word of mouth means a different thing to what it did before the pandemic. It means chatting to people online as well as face-to-face.

This doesn’t involve spamming people with copies of your product but making genuine connections over social media. Make friends and do other people favors and then they are more likely to want to help you out.

Think about the channels you like to hang out in just like the places you’d like to hang out in real life. If you hate Twitter because it’s too mean or political, get off Twitter and get on Instagram.

If you find Instagram too fake then get on YouTube where you can see people’s faces and put across a much more human side of you.

4. Digital is the Way Foward

Remember that digital is the answer to everything now. With the whole world stuck inside and borders across the world closed, this is the way to make money and to fully take advantage of the opportunities.

If you have a physical office then consider closing it down and setting your employees free to work from wherever they want.

This will free up a lot more capital which you can then invest in digital marketing strategies to see you through.

With everyone having the same idea, the internet is becoming a crowded place so you need to think outside the box. Use interesting new channels and try to come up with new ideas to help you forward your product or service. Don’t do the same as what everybody else is doing.

Be the crowd leader, not the crowd follower or the crowd-pleaser. At the same time if something isn’t working, change it.

Remember that digital marketing and social media marketing costs a lot less than traditional marketing. Compare the cost of an Instagram influencer campaign compared to buying an add on a subway station. Don’t be tempted by the later.

Building Marketing Strategies That Work

The most important thing when it comes to building marketing strategies is building a campaign that works for you and your business.

Try to avoid looking at what everyone else is doing too much. They are unlikely to always be right and you might end up getting lost in all the noise. Instead, focus on different platforms and on engaging with as many people as possible.

If you are interested in reading more about building marketing strategies then be sure to check out the rest of our site.