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4 Most Creative Promotional Products of All Time for Some Inspiration

Are you looking for some ideas for your small business promotional products? Read on to learn about the most creative promotional products of all time.

While the average small business is set to spend around $75,000 this year on digital marketing, there are some old tactics that are still relevant. When you’re thinking about getting the word out about your latest project or campaign, you can do the work with some creative promotional products. Cleverly done real-life marketing campaigns can go viral and get your attention in person and online.

Here are four ideas to inspire your next giveaway.

1. Iams Dog Weights

Worried that Fido isn’t as swole as you wish she was? Well, so was Iams a few years back.

Iams is a dog food company who wasn’t sure that dog owners knew just how much stronger dogs were once they had their food. They gave out flying discs that were shaped like weights for barbells. On each one, they printed their brand name.

When dogs had them in their mouth, they looked like they were carrying around a 25-pound weight. Iams dogs certainly look a lot stronger when they’ve got one of these in their mouth.

2. The VW Dent Fake Out

Recently, Volkswagen tested the strength of it’s smaller vehicles by shown with fake wear and tear. Using giant magnetic rectangles, VW dealers added fake dents and scratches to their VW Polo cars.

This tactic worked as people scratched their head wondering why there were dented up cars sitting inside the dealership. With some great new features for safety detection and emergency braking, this is one of the safest Volkswagens ever. Just to show you how much it could handle, VW even let you think that it had been through hell and back.

3. Remember With Alzheimers New Zealand

As a clever promotional item, Alzheimers New Zealand took memory both literally and conceptually. They handed out rubber erasers that were actually USB sticks for storage. They read “Alzheimer’s Erasers. Your Memories. Save Them.”

They were a practical promotional item and a reminder of the foundation’s mission. They helped to generate revenue and raise awareness about the hard work that the organization does.

As they work toward a world without problems with dementia, they remind us of the fragility of memory.

4. Colgate Challenges Our Teeth

In Thailand, Colgate ran promotional trucks that gave out cotton candy and ice cream. Once you got down to the wooden stick on the inside, there was a message about Oral Health Month.

The stick was shaped like a large flat toothbrush and reminded people to do right by their teeth.

It was a clever promotion to let people have a little fun but not forget about their own hygiene. It goes to show that no matter what business you’re in, there are promotional products out there suited for you.

Creative Promotional Products Really Work

If you’re trying to get the word out about your next big thing, the way to do it is through creative promotional products. If you take some inspiration from some of the best in the business, you can’t go wrong.

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