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4 Product Manufacturing Tips

An amazing 30,000 new consumer products are released, on average, in a given year in America. Are you looking to launch a product yourself? That’s a lot of competition—depending on your niche.

To make your product stand out against all others, you need to pay attention to a few critical steps in the product manufacturing process. These include ideation, design and prototyping, testing, and finding the right manufacturer.

Read on to learn what each of these steps entails.

1. Spend a Lot of time on Ideation

Having a solid idea is one of the most crucial manufacturing tips you’ll ever need. Why? Because without an idea, you don’t have a product at all!

Before heading to the design stage, you need to make sure your product idea is something people need in their lives. This means diving into market research to determine if your product will solve a problem for a decent segment of the population.

Don’t forget to analyze your competitors, too. Who else is already making products similar or even the same as your idea?

2. Design Your Product Diligently

The result is only as good as the initial design when manufacturing products. Spend time on creating a product that not only looks aesthetically pleasing (or trendy, or whatever it is your customer base cares about visually) but is also user-friendly.

Given the emphasis on sustainability in the marketplace today, it’s essential to build some element of circular economics into your product design. Companies like GGS help their clients consider the entire lifecycle of any given product.

3. Don’t Skimp on Prototyping and Testing

Prototype your designs, then test, test, and test again! This is one of the most crucial business tips in product creation.

For one, you can show your prototypes to potential funders and manufacturing partners, helping to convince them to join your project. Secondly, you can be confident you end up with the product you expected once it’s gone through the manufacturing process.

4. Find a Reliable, Affordable Manufacturing Partner

There are a few ways to find a manufacturer for your product. You can do a Google search, research to find out who other businesses in your niche are using, visit trade shows, or use a manufacturer directory.

Think about the following at the discovery stage:

  • Always visit in person, even if that means traveling overseas
  • Ask if the manufacturer has an MOQ
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate on pricing and production timeframes
  • Ask about their distribution methods

To finalize your manufacturing partner, consider balancing the company’s costs, size, location, and capabilities. If you’re a small business, the budget will be your primary consideration.

Product Manufacturing for New Entrepreneurs

Do you have a niche-busting product manufacturing idea in mind? Whether it’s something for the home, a tech product, or a pet accessory, following the steps outlined above is vital. This way, you can be sure your product will stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract the consumers you need.

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